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  1. POL-ITE Basketball: TP steal title from two-time defending champs RP in nailbiter
  2. POL-ITE Basketball (Women): SP still queens after closing win over ITE
  3. POL-ITE Basketball: TP stay unbeaten with 67-56 win over NYP
  4. POL-ITE Basketball: NYP snatches first victory with thrilling 64-61 win over SP
  5. POL-ITE Basketball: TP begins campaign with 72-59 win over NP
  6. SUniG Basketball (Men): SIM defeat NUS 80-79 in double OT but three-way tie led to NUS being champions
  7. SUniG Basketball (Men): NTU finish strong with 73-52 win over SIT, comes in third overall
  8. “My degree was the only thing that nobody could take away from me” – an interview with UK Shyam and Kenneth Khoo (Part 5)
  9. “I was going to all the officers. I was going in there like a psycho, but what to do?” – an interview with UK Shyam and Kenneth Khoo (Part 4)
  10. “Those that have become Asian class … they’ve been really training full-time for like six years or seven years or eight years” – an interview with UK Shyam and Kenneth Khoo (Part 3)
  11. SUniG Basketball (Men): NTU stay focused to clinch spot in IVP after victory over SIM
  12. “I think athletes have to not be afraid to ask for help” – an interview with UK Shyam and Kenneth Khoo (Part 2)
  13. “It was a leap of faith for Peng Siong” – an interview with UK Shyam and Kenneth Khoo (Part 1)
  14. SUniG Basketball (Men): SIM clinches IVP spot with 62-43 win over SMU
  15. SUniG Basketball (Men): NUS rally in the fourth to clinch 57-50 victory over NTU
  16. SUniG Basketball (Men): SMU records first victory with convincing 76-49 win over SUSS
  17. SUniG Basketball (Women): NTU dominates NUS 57-26 to stay unbeaten
  18. NYSI Bball Final: NUS crowned champions after blowout victory over NTU
  19. ASEAN School Games 2018 T&F: Kampton Kam claims Singapore’s first gold with record-breaking high jump performance
  20. NYSI Water Polo: SMU win silver as they finish season with 16-8 win over RP
  21. NYSI Bball: RP survive late surge by SIM to cap off season with a win
  22. NYSI Bball (Women): Multi-dimensional scoring for SIM as they end season with win over RP
  23. NYSI Bball: TP survive to end their season with overtime win over RP
  24. NYSI Bball (Women): TP battles past RP for a season-ending win
  25. NYSI Water Polo: NP come from behind to finish season with 12-8 win over RP
  26. NMP Ganesh Rajaram calls for review of DSA trials and “DSA coaches” to prevent elitism in school sports
  27. NYSI Bball: Fast-paced, balanced scoring in transition for RP as they take down NP
  28. NYSI Bball (Women): Staunch interior RP defence clamps down struggling NP
  29. NYSI Water Polo: NUS defeat NTU 17-8 for fourth straight win
  30. NYSI Water Polo: SMU get second victory in three matches after 19–4 win over NYP
  31. NYSI Bball (Women): NYP secure 51-43 victory against ACS Oldham
  32. NYSI Bball: SMU bounce back against NP for first win of season
  33. NYSI Bball (Women): Transition offence helps NP blow out SMU
  34. NYSI Water Polo: Ngee Ann Poly clinch first victory with 17-3 win over Nanyang Poly
  35. SNSC Day 4 Wrap: Glen Lim cracks another national record ahead of Asian Games
  36. NYSI Bball: NUS keep composure for 49-32 victory over ACS Oldham
  37. NYSI Bball (Women): NUS overwhelm ACS Oldham to get 63-37 victory
  38. NYSI Bball: Stamina a big factor of SP win over ACS Oldham
  39. NYSI Bball (Women): SP earns win over ACS Oldham with tight defence
  40. SNSC Day 3 Wrap: Pang Sheng Jun defends IM gold as regional talents break more meet records
  41. SNSC Day 2 Wrap: Singapore Olympic champion Schooling makes victorious home return
  42. SNSC Day 1 Wrap: Glen Lim’s new national 800m freestyle record highlight of the day
  43. NYSI Bball: SIM’s comeback attempt just short in opener against NP
  44. NYSI Bball (Women): Turnovers key in SIM victory over NP
  45. NYSI Water Polo: NUS record second win with 23-2 dominant win over NYP
  46. NYSI Bball: NTU outlast RP to get 65-60 victory
  47. NYSI Bball (Women): Size advantage give NTU advantage over sharp shooting of RP to secure 67-53 victory
  48. NYSI Bball (Women): NYP survive comeback efforts of SUTD to win 41-31
  49. NYSI Bball: Steady scoring of NYP give edge over SUTD to take game 53-35
  50. NYSI Water Polo: NUS starts campaign with 20-6 win over Ngee Ann Poly