Since we started this website in February 2007, we’ve received encouraging feedback from readers over the years. We are very grateful to get them. Some of them are reproduced below and all are unsolicited.


Good Evening, Les and crew. I am an Anderson JC Alumnus and reader of redsports since 2007.

Thank you so much for your continued coverage of local sports. I really appreciate your effort and the quality of your work!

Seow BC, a reader

Really thank Redsports to have this website to advertise the sports attitude to the Singaporeans, that even though Singapore are not good in sports compared to other major countries, but we still have the sports spirit that shows the sportsmanships in each of the every players. No matter for what team or what school.

Although you have not covered my school B boys this 2 years, but it really appreciate the time and effort that you and your team have put into, creating the success of this mission.

Thank you 🙂

A Red Sports reader who wishes to remain anonymous

Hey, Redsports!

I’m normally too lazy to write in for any reason whatsoever, but I decided to make an exception just this once.

In reference to the below mentioned article:

I would just like to commend Erwin Wong, the writer of said article, for a job well done! While we do have many event/sport-specific articles on the website, such a general writeup (especially about trivia/fun facts) really do make for a refreshing and entertaining read! It appeals not only to those very passionate about that sport, but to others who aren’t as well. So for that, thank you and kudos on a job well done 🙂

I do have a suggestion, however. Perhaps it would be easier and more prudent to categorize such trivia according to divisions (A, B or C divisions) or by gender to make for an easier read. Just my two cents! Keep up the good work and thanks for doing what you’re doing (:


Dominic, a Red Sports reader


Hey! I don’t know if you still remember me cos I’m the 13-year-old girl that you interviewed when I won the 100m race. I just want to say thank you for putting up those pics. My phone will always ring these few days about those pics. Strangers started to say hello to me even though I don’t know them and people started to send ‘Congrats’ messages to me. : )

I’m not trying to act cool but if not because of you, those people out there who always look down on me will never say good things about e. But now they started to talk to me and think positive about me.

And most important thing, because of you, my dad never looks down on me anymore. He started to support me and we are getting much closer. Because last time, I used to hate my dad. Tahnk you so much, sister Fiona. May God bless you!

A message from a school-athlete to Fiona Lee, a Red Crew.


We met a couple of times last year at SAJC ground. My son plays football for that JC.

This year, I was a little busy to follow through every game and I just had to log in to redsports to read all match reports. You guys are amazing! Just want to give you my three cheers and I would always appreciate you and your team for the work to bring school sports to another level.

Paul Chia, father of a Junior College footballer


I would just like to thank you for the good work that you and your team have done for the redsports website. It has certainly made the Singapore schools sports scene a livelier and more competitive one.

Mr Lee Chen Siang, Bendemeer Secondary teacher

I’m not gonna call you uncle les. Sounds dumb (You don’t look like an uncle). I’ll call you Mr. les. You’ve done a damn good job of creating this sports website that can provide good coverage of local sports, something that even our local papers and press are incapable of and unwilling to do. This kinda thing take damn good initiative and Mr les you have taken the initiative. Hats off to you, young man and to all the interns who take the damn effort to come up with these articles. Bravo Red Sports.



As always, Redsports journalists have outdone themselves. I read a couple of your articles and have found them to be accurate and very well-written. They take great pains to present very readable and interesting pieces. Congrats on having such a fine team!

Mrs Linda Lee, SCGS teacher


Dear Uncle Les and all volunteers of Redsports,

Thank you very much for covering Fisher and Paykel Netball Nations Cup over the week. I was down for almost all the games. I never failed to see redsports volunteers and Uncle Les, carrying your big cameras to capture the beautiful movements of the players. And, after the audience left, you stayed in Toa Payoh Sports Hall to make immediate updates onto this website to allow us, the readers to have first hand news about the nation cup.

Although I was there for most of the games, when I reach home I will turn on my computer and come to redsports to view the photos that were taken by all of you. The photos allow me to recall the exciting games that were played earlier and allow me to catch some moments that I missed.

To all the great volunteers who worked very hard over the week to capture the best moments of the game and the greatest uncle les, thank you very much for the giving us first hand news.

(Special Note for Uncle Les: Thank you very much for all that you have done for This is the one and only site that updates local school sports. Being a student athlete, I treasure every game that I get to play for my school. And, finally now we have a website that capture our precious moments. THANK YOU, UNCLE LES!)

Chan Hui Mui


“Please continue the good work. Singapore is lacking in such an effort to promote local sports culture whether in new or main stream media. You can be assured of my support.”

Teo Ser Luck, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports


“Love what you and Leslie are doing at Red Sports. Keep up the great work!”

Chew Hock Yong, Deputy Secretary, Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports


“I checked out your website and really like it a lot, featuring local athletes, school participation, local sport events. The whole deal. I think it’s really cool to see a start-up such as Red Sports featuring local talent as extensive and in depth.

Local sports are something I hold very dear to my heart and an establishment like yours is something I really believe in. I believe it is important to bring not only awareness and context of local athletics to the Singapore masses, but also interest, therein helping Singapore become one step closer to being a sporting nation, least of all spread its sporting culture”

Mark Chay, 2-time Singapore swimming Olympian, holder of 19 SEA Games medals (5 golds, 7 silvers and 7 bronzes), 2000 Sportsboy of the Year, and 2001 Sportsman of the Year


“I think it’s fantastic what you’ve done with the website!”

Gerald Koh, Singapore swimming Olympian, Asian Games finalist, holder of multiple SEA Games medals, and 1993 and 1994 Sportsboy of the Year


“It is honestly very inspiring to find individuals like Leslie and yourself willing to go the distance to help promote the local sporting scene here. Personally, our sporting culture here in Singapore can do much better with individuals like yourself. Do keep up the great work!”

Gary Tan


I’d have to say I was serrrrioussssssly overjoyed to find this site which finally gave me insight into the inter-school tournaments now coz until now i got ZILCH from the net. this site is fantastic not only to keep us updated on our alma mater’s performances but also venue for nostalgia of our youth gone by…. Thanks again for creating this site i think its the best thing that has ever happened to the inter-school sports scene and i cannot stress enuff how much it justifies the crazy things we have to go through every tournament. Your extensive coverage for every sport is fantastic and really useful (i now know what my boyfriend [ex hwachong canoeist] is talking about whenever he rambles on and on about his glorious hwa chong canoe days!)


Editor’s note: This is an excerpt of a much longer comment that was so delightful that we turned it into a post.


“I have actually started reading Red Sports since Mar or Apr this year (2007) when i was still in Australia. I wanted to find out how my alma maters (Maris Stella High and St Andrew’s JC) were doing in sports this yr so i juz google searched for school sports results and found Red Sports.

Thanks to your website, I’m able to keep abreast of the school sports scene in Singapore and actually made my way down to SBC (Singapore Basketball Centre) to watch some Maris Stella ‘C’ Division matches during my July university holiday. Thank you for your hard work. Cheers!”

Ng Qi Rong


“This is a fantastic website, to say the least. It provides so much more a well-rounded and wholesome coverage of school sports in contrast to mainstream media sources.

More than this, it allows students to provide match reports, opinions and interact with one another; helping students to develop writing skills and to take ownership of things.

I have always felt that more needs to be done with regards to school sports. Just so glad to see such a website.

Way to go Red Sports!”

Lim Wei Quan


“Thanks for covering for the matches!! It feels like some professional competition xD and it’s really good that girls’ soccer is included too.

This really helps the sport gain much more recognition than before.”

Xiuhuan, Temasek Junior College


“Hi, I’m pleased to have my team (Nanyang) featured in one of your articles. Thank you!

Kudos to and team. Great job! I’m sure all Singapore’s school athletes will enjoy every single one of your articles, recognising talents and effort.

Once again, THANK YOU! 🙂 It’s very exciting to see friends featured.”



“It’s a wonderful web site to keep the seniors who have left school updated about the school sporting scene.
I hope there’ll be more coverage and more pictures. If possible, include coverage of all matches and games. Perhaps squash could be included too.

Thank you so much.”

Ms Michelle Tang

Editor’s note: I’m glad we are helping to keep you in touch with your alma mater. We try to cover as many sports as we can but it’s almost impossible to keep up with the number of games out there!


“I’m proud of Singapore rugby and I’m proud of this website.

This is the only way rugby will grow as a sport in such a small little city/country. The coverage given, albeit opinionated, has given many rugby alums the opportunity to re-live the inter-school rugby spirit.

I hope will step it up a notch and perhaps post video clips of crucial playoff games so viewers can watch it firsthand.

Anderson Tanoto

Editor’s reply: We’re glad you are proud of this web site. So are we! As for video, we had a go at RedSports TV for a while. We’re keen to pick it up again once financial resources make it possible.


“Appreciate you for setting up this site. You filled in a very important gap in Singapore Sports.

A few years back I wrote to The Straits Times lamenting the fact that it was so difficult to get news of school sports. I firmly believed the best way to promote sports in Singapore is to give more coverage to sports at the school level. I urged The Straits Time to do so but I did not hear from them. What we have now is a weekly reports on School Sports which I feel is totally inadequate.

Keep up the good work.”

Mr Richard Ting


“Hi! I just want to say what a fantastic idea you have to set this up and I certainly hope this site will remain for as long as school sports exist and will continue to grow and be taken to new heights!

I’ve always been passionate about school sports since I was a school athlete some half a decade ago and I always felt it was a shame for the lack of press coverage! While my siblings are still involved in school sports, I’m extremely encouraged by your initiative!

I’m a sport journalist myself writing at a couple of websites! Unfortunately I’m not based in Singapore at the moment, otherwise I will be more than happy to volunteer with you. Perhaps when I’m home-bound? Til then, keep this up!



“I think you guys really did a good job in putting out your best efforts to cover school sports.

These young athletes deserve coverage because most commercial newspapers don’t pay attention unless the news helps to generate revenue.

Without these young sportsmen and women, we won’t have our national teams really.”

Mr Vincent Chong

Editor’s reply: Thanks, Vincent. Well, I hope to earn a living from this site too. Hopefully I can get sponsors and advertisers so that I can continue to cover school sports. I just got tired of reading about the dissolute lifestyles of $300,000-a-week footballers and so I ended my cable subscription and decided to find my own sports news in Singapore.


“So far so good! In Singapore, compliments are hard to come by but I’ve heard a few for your site already!

Personally, I feel you guys are doing a great job! Keep up the good work!”

Mr Boon Swan Heng


“I am pleased to see Singapore Sports this way. I want to just acknowledge all your hard work in getting this site up and running.

It is truly an inspiring website…”

Mr Ernest Junior Vaithilingam

Editor’s reply: Thanks, Vai. There’s so much passion in school sports all over Singapore. This site is for all Singaporeans who love to see the joy that sports brings to the lives of our sons and daughters, nephews and nieces, grandsons and granddaughters.


“I wish to express my most sincere thanks to you, Leslie and your assistants for a job well done.

I hope you will achieve every success and following for the great articles and shots that you have posted on your website.

Keep up the good work, Dick!

Mr Lim Lai Chuan


“Great job with starting up on all of this!

Though hopefully the quality of match reviews could be improved one way or the other as it is quite unprofessionally done:) But small matter.

Keep up the good work!”

Peter Wang, ACS (Independent)

Editor’s reply: Ouch! But thanks Pete, for the honest feedback. Yes, yes, our stories and photographs can be better. None of us ever worked for a regular newspaper so we are trying our best to tell a good story.


“You guys have been doing great in covering local school sports!

It’s become a habit for me to browse thru Red Sports at least once whenever I’m online.

Kudos to the Red Sports team!”

Mr Gue Kit Wan