Story by Joash Chow/Red Sports. Photos by Jared Chow and Joash Chow/Red Sports.

ACS(I)'s Jeremiah Williams (#8) streaks away to score a try. (Photo 1 © Joash Chow/Red Sports)

ACS(I)’s Jeremiah Williams (#8) streaks away to score a try. (Photo 1 © Joash Chow/Red Sports)

MOE (Evans) Stadium, Monday, 8 May 2023 — Reigning champions Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) secured a place in the final of the National School Games A Division Rugby, overwhelming Saint Andrew’s Junior College (SAJC) 62-0.

Rugby has returned to its full 15-a-side format across all divisions after a 3-year hiatus owing to the prevailing Covid-19 national guidelines at the time.

Building on their last outing against SAJC on 28 April, ACS(I) was keen to get on the score sheet right from the beginning. Within the first three minutes, Jeffrey Lee (AC #15) bagged the opening try, taking the lead 5-0.

SAJC fought back, defending resolutely for the next few phases. ACS(I) however proved too strong ultimately as they started reeling in the tries soon after.

Outside-centre Jedd Tan (AC #22) scored two tries in quick succession, sidestepping multiple defenders for his first and bashing through several tacklers for his second. Captain Tycen Yeoh (AC #58) added the extras to make it 19-0.

ACS(I) continued fast and furious with Jeremiah Williams (AC #8), Jeffrey Lee (AC #15) and Xavier Goh (AC #2) each scoring tries of their own in quick succession. A successful conversion by fly-half Bryant Sim (#12) brought the scores to 36-0.

Following another converted try by Marcus Tay (AC #7), the match grew even bleaker for SAJC when Jeremy Tan (SA #13) was sin-binned for tackling a ball-carrier mid-air off the kick restart.

Down to 14 men, SAJC soldiered on, exchanging thumping hits with their ACS(I) counterparts.

ACS(I) nevertheless continued to dominate in their offensive plays, with players carrying hard and passing the ball effectively into space.

Winger John Heng (AC#25) took the next try after receiving a one-handed offload from Jedd Tan (AC #22).

ACS(I) then scored a blinder in the following phase after kick-off. From deep in their own half, Bryant (AC #12) made a daring attempt to chip the ball behind the oncoming defensive line. John (AC #25) chased hard and the ball bounced in his favour, bringing the supporters to their feet and in cheers as he dashed towards the try line.

The match concluded within the first half as Jedd (AC #22) completed a hat-trick. The game concluded 62-0 in favour of ACS(I), with the mercy rule applied given the 60-point differential.

“We were playing for each other, we were very composed in the breakdown situations… the ability to link up with one another was something that gave us the game,” shared ACS(I) captain Tycen (AC #58).

About his team’s preparations for the 3rd place play-off, SAJC captain Jeremy Tan (SA #13) said, “I think one thing we can do better is to be more on the ball on our communication.” He added, “We can improve on [our] coordination in terms of our formations… those are just minor issues we can brush up. And over the next week, I think we will be ready for the next game.”

Looking forward to the final, ACS(I) head coach Mr Adrian Chong said: “[There is] still some way to go, still want to see the boys playing better as a team. I think individually we have got all the players who can make a difference, but I think in a final, I suppose the team effort is going to be what’s going to count.”

“Hopefully next Monday we can play better as a team, and we’ll be able to see a difference when the boys come together.”

ACS(I) will play Raffles Institution in the final at MOE (Evans Road) Stadium on Monday, 15 May 2023 at 4.30pm.

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) v Saint Andrew’s Junior College
Scoring by half
Half-time: 62-0
Full-time: 62-0

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Goh Min Xuan, Xavier (#2) – 1 try
Jeremiah Williams (#8) – 1 try
Jeffrey Lee (#15) – 2 tries
Jedd Tan (#22) – 3 tries
John Heng (#25) – 2 tries
Bryant Sim (#12) – 4 conversions
Tycen Yeoh (#58) – 2 conversions

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Roster
Goh Min Xuan, Xavier (#2), Matthew Luke Lim Kaijun (#3), Shane Declan Choong Ken Rui (#1), Jeremiah Zhi Xiang Williams (#8), Chow Rae Howe Isaac (#9), Ryan Hia Juay Hng (#19), Au Yeung Chi Hang Lucas (#17), Emmanuel Tan (#16), Harshavardhana Niteesh (#26), Jeremy Kek Jianbin (#14), Mok Joon Loong Gareth (#13), Tycen Yeoh Yong Jun (#58), Jeffrey Lee Yuchen (#15), Parkhi Alakh Ajey (#11), Sim Xu Hui Bryant (#12), Nicholas Leong Zhong An (#4), Jacob Tan Kejie (#5), Marcus Tay Tse En (#7), Shaunak Suvir Shahani (#24), Javier Ling Qing Hong (#6), Ong Tze Herng, Kieran (#23), John Heng Kai En (#25), Zhou Sanzheng (#27), Euan David Ong Yi-En (#20), Ryan Joshua Ong (#21), Jedd Tan Shi Jie (#22), Audric Cheng Yu Xiang (#18)

Saint Andrew’s Junior College Roster
Muhammad Syahmi Bin Mohamed Yusman (#29), Eden Kang Yi En (#02), Veela Kannan Aaditya (#26), Joshua Lim Yan Loong (#03), Leung Jin Xi Evan Justin (#30), Tan Jee Tao (#08), Ryan Haziqi Bin Zulhakimi (#01), Nabil Afiq Bin Jumali (#18), Law Jun Wei (#19), Tham Qi Feng Jireh (#06), Dela Serna Kamil Yuri Delizo (#16), Suhan Krishna (#23), Jeyakumar Mahin (#21), Leo Wey Li Shawn (#04), Joel Tan Theng Yong (#28), Arjun Iynkaran (#17), Darius Ang Jing Kai (Hong Jingkai) (#11), Tangudu Sujith (#05), Dylan Loh Kai Yao (#20), Gundluru Nishanth Reddy (#22), Trever Sim Pin Yi (#27), Ryan Sing Aik Yong (#09), Elliot Nah Jing Zhi (#07), Ian Lee Khang (#12), Jeremy Tan Jia Le (#13), Lin Yuanfeng Javier (#15), Marc Tan Jindi (#25), Labarrere Hugo Kai Wen (#10)

*** NOTE: Names and jersey numbers are based on official team sheets.
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