Story and photos by Bryan Foo/Red Sports

Ernest Yap (RI #6) trudges through the mud, on his way to score a try for Raffles. (Photo X © Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

Ernest Yap (RI #6) trudges through the mud, on his way to score a try for Raffles. (© Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

MOE (Evans) Stadium, Thursday, April 21, 2022 — Although headlined by the cup final derby between brother schools Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) and Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road), the wet and muddy afternoon also saw six other teams battle it out to decide the podium for the Bowl division, as well as the second runners-up in the B Division National School Games (NSG) Rugby Cup.

In the end, Greenridge Secondary School (GSS) claimed the title of Bowl champions after beating Evergreen Secondary School (EVG) with an aggregate score of 29-20 in the final.

St. Andrew’s Secondary School (SASS) rounded up the Cup category as third-place finishers, having dispatched Raffles Institution (RI) 55-22 on aggregate in the Cup third/fourth placing match.

Although the season was fraught with challenges brought about by the Covid-19 situation, the players remained in high spirits as they were once again able to compete in the NSG.

Saints vice-captain Oliver Chew said: “It is a huge privilege to be able to play after this Covid hiatus, everyone is riled up and excited to get back onto the field again.”

This sentiment was also echoed by St. Andrew’s teacher-in-charge Mr Benedict Tan. “After two years of no play, coming back to sports is something that is very much required in our schools… I think this is a very welcomed move for everybody.”

The return of contact rugby to the NSG was not without its challenges. Although the relaxation of Covid measures at the time was a reprieve to the sport, modifications had to be made to protect the health and safety of the students.

For the B Division NSG 2022 season, rugby was played in the 7s format instead of the familiar 15-a-side game, in line with the prevailing measures. Each school fielded two teams of 12 registered players each.

The first team competed in a match of 7-minute halves against the first team of the opposing school, while two fresh team of players played against each other in the second match. The winning school team was the one with the higher aggregate points total.

Chen Xiang Bin (GSS #12) makes a line break. (Photo X © Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

Chen Xiang Bin (Greenridge Secondary School #12) makes a line break. (© Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

Greenridge took the lead in their first match against Evergreen with a 17-0 scoreline. Evergreen looked to close the 17-point deficit in the second match, putting in an admirable 20 points on their scoreboard. However, Greenridge did not relent – adding a further 12 points to their scoresheet to secure their title with an aggregate 29-20 final score.

Saints player score a try. (Photo X © Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

Saints player scores a try. (© Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

In the Cup category, the Saints marched into their first match, scoring a commanding 41 points against Raffles. Raffles were only able to score a consolatory unconverted try, bringing the full-time score for the first match to 41-5.

The scoreline of the second Saints-Raffles matchup was much tighter, with RI eventually pipping the boys in blue and white 17-14. However, Raffles were not able close the gap brought on by the Saints’ dominant first match. St. Andrew’s thus finished third in the Cup with a final score of 55-22.

Jevon Khong (JYSS #6) makes a line break which leads to an assist for Brandon Khoo (JYSS #10) to score a try. (Photo X © Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

Jevon Khong (Junyuan Secondary School #6) makes a line break which leads to an assist for Brandon Khoo (Junyuan Secondary School #10) to score a try. (© Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

In the Bowl third/fourth placing match, Junyuan Secondary School (JYSS) finished in third place after confidently beating Bukit Batok Secondary School (BBSS) 41-0 on aggregate (24-0, 17-0).

“I think 7s is a warm-up, but I would prefer the 15s, because 15s [rugby] will involve more of the forwards and the overall team… but I think it is a good start,” said Mr Tan, hopeful for the return of 15s rugby to the NSG.

B Division Rugby Cup 2022 Placing
1st – Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
2nd – Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)
3rd – St. Andrew’s Secondary School
4th – Raffles Institution

B Division Rugby Bowl 2022 Placing
1st – Greenridge Secondary School
2nd – Evergreen Secondary School
3rd – Junyuan Secondary School
4th – Bukit Batok Secondary School

B Division Rugby Cup 3rd/4th Placing Match
St. Andrew’s Secondary School vs Raffles Institution
Match 1: 41-5
Match 2: 14-17
Aggregate: 55-22

St. Andrew’s Secondary School Roster
Sub Team 1
Cephas Kee (#27), Alyf Tiftazani (#25), Jesse Tng (#12), Hanin Ahmad (#9), Labarrere Hugo (#10), Gerald Yeo (#13), Mohd Hazzq Zafri (#26), Aden Lucas Tan (#6), Khidir Miqail (#2), Owen Lee (#20), Giorgio Ng (#15), Darrian Shaedon (#3)

Sub Team 2
Jesse Wu (#10), Darian Oh (#30), Tarang Sharma (#19), Emre Tan (#9), Keegan Ong (#13), Kayden Noble (#23), Elwin Tan (#5), Harrold Wong (#1), Muammar Nidal (#12), Elijah Lee (#15), Grivas Konstantinos (#14)

Raffles Institution Roster
Sub Team 1
Lu Yuanxi (#20), Lim Xin Hong Isaac (#32), Huang Jiawen Peter (#34), Harry Goh Xin Rui (#2), Dylan Ong Kang Jun (#31), Xerxes Goh Zhexi (#35), Ishan Khurana (#5), Ng Kang Rui Ritz (#4), Yeo Shan Yuan Keane (#25), Leong Jun Loong Benjamin (#40), Hui Anjie, Elliott (#28), Gao Huajun (#16)

Sub Team 2
Prawin Kuhanesan (#18), Ernest Matthias Yap Tse Meng (#6), Rafael Low Ren Xiang (#8), Jayden Tan Junjie (#3), Vishnu Swaroop (#7), Luke Chai Rong Yan (#9), Lim Zong Shen (Titus) (#13), Jordan Lee Zhao Feng (#10), Ong Rei Hong (#24), Wu Yaochen (#12), Liu Zheming (#14), Isaac Tay Kai Jie (#33)

B Division Rugby Bowl Final
Greenridge Secondary School vs Evergreen Secondary School
Match 1: 17-0
Match 2: 12-20
Aggregate: 29-20

Greenridge Secondary School Roster
Sub Team 1
Landas Dante Alejandro (#10), Lim Zhen Yu (#19), Macatangay John Jared Bando (#6), Surayn Shrinivas Chantharan (#14), Chen Xiang Bin (#12), Lau Guo Hao Zander (#27), Muhammad Zulariff Bin Zulkeplie (#43), Koh Cun Yi Joel (#2), Khor Wenshu, Matthew (#3), Muhammad Shahiq Afiq Bin Mohammad Sofyan (#45), Muhammad Arsh Barikan (#67), Kishaan s/o Vicknesh (#22)

Sub Team 2
Loo Leng Cher (#26), Lin Khant Aung (#5), Saravanan Manoj Kumar (#41), Zen Teo (#28), Rafael Bokhari Bin Zainal (#13), Chua Jia Jun (#9), Muhamad Amran Bin Mazli (#8), Syawal Naufal Bin Iskandar Hassan (#4), Pangyarihan Kean Angelo De Guzman (#25), Nikhil Anand s/o Vijay Anand (#1), Muhammad Amirul Bin Masni (#11), Muhammad Hafizan Bin Hasnol (#5)

Evergreen Secondary School Roster
Sub Team 1
Ilhan Imani Bin Izwan (#17), Akmal Naufal Bin Roslan (#54), Mohamed Haziq Bin Nasir (#41), Muhammad Adam Almunawwar (#41), Muhammad Haziq Naufal Bin Mohamad Noras (#60), Shafiulla Bin Azman (#02), Emilio Anaqi Bin Yusri (#53), Muhammad Aaqil Bin Azali (#44), Randy Irwansyah Bin Suadi (#16), Panganiban Jose Leandro V Reyes (#10), Fairul Afdlin Zainurul (#01), Samuel Siddiq Sianturi Bin Salim (#05)

Sub Team 2
Nur Muhammad Bin Adam (#08), Airell Putra Bin Azlan (#40), Izzat Zafran Bin Sofyean (#39), Daniel Putra Bin Abdullah (#50), Adrae Adrian Bin Mohamed Saiful Bahri (#11), Mohammad Faris Bin Abdulmutalib (#43), Muhammad Asyari Ulhaq Bin Abdullah (#52), Shabbeer Ali Bin Mohamed Abdullah (#38), Dani Illya Bin Amir Mulyani (#06), Raiyan Rifqy Bin Saiful Rijal (#04), Muhammad Hazziq Bin Mohamad Rezal (#58), Batin Anthony Frances Balusdan (#12)

B Division Rugby Bowl 3rd/4th Placing Match
Junyuan Secondary School vs Bukit Batok Secondary School
Match 1: 24-0
Match 2: 17-0
Aggregate: 41-0

Junyuan Secondary School Roster
Sub Team 1
Khoo Lu Hong Brandon (#10), Muhammad Fitri Qusyairee Bin Abdullah (#18), Khong Chun Hung, Jevon (#6), Andres Fandiyan Bin Mohamad Hidayat (#8), Muhammad Adam Bin Daud (#29), Mohamed Raiyan Bin Mohamed Noor (#17), Amr Danial Zuhaer Bin Muhammad (#22), Muhammad Ilhan Aniq Bin Mohammad Amin (#15), Muhammad Dani Haziq Bin Basri (#7), Muhammad Aqif Bin Muhamad Yazid (#11), Ammanuil Arik Bin Khairil Anuar (#23), Merano James Alfonzo Valencia (#15)

Sub Team 2
Low Guo Bin (#18), Tan Yee Hong Evan (#7), Shazri Putra Bin Mohammed Noorshah (#4), Muhammad Dayyan Haiqal Bin Iqbal Syafri (Jeresy no. unavailable), Muhammad Arif Amsyar Bin Mohmad Azahar (#28), Muhammad Maziz Putra Yusni (#34), Muhammad Syafiq Danial Bin Muhammad Hasrun (#12), Rayyan Irfan Bin Muhammad Nizar (#1), Mohamad Nuh Aniq Bin Mohamad Aidil (Jeresy no. unavailable), Raiyan Danish Bin Mohamad Fardly (#10), Muhammad Emre Hakim Bin Masroni (#3), Lee Yu Xuan (#2)

Bukit Batok Secondary School Roster
Sub Team 1
Ng Zhi Hong, James (#6), Randale Than (#7), Jayden Na (#8), Andre Joaquin Javina Abril (#9), Muhammad Nur Irfan Bin Iswady (#11), Alif Adlan Bin Zulkarnaen (#12), Babu Servessh (#1), Sufi Amsyar Bin Juanda Ariffin (#10), Sum Jia Hui (#14), Yap T-Sean (#21), Edmund Soh (#24), Wong Loong Mun, Maximus (#23)

Sub Team 2
Brandon Lee Yong Hui (#5), Adriyan Bin Muhammad Azlan (#16), Khilfi Zikri Bin Zaidi (#2), Aryan Ranjan Singh (#15), Cornelius Yeo Guan Si (#18), Gareth Seah Ren Xiang (#20), Tan Guan Cong (#4), Zikry Ilham Bin Mohammad Faizal (#17), Wong Tai Zhao, Kendrick (#19), Xing Xiangheng (#22), Ee Wei Tong (#21), Cody Lam Zhun Heng (#25)

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