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Are you looking to buy images you like? You can see what images are available by clicking on this link: Red Sports Images

Before you go, here are some details you may need to help you make your decision.

You eventually have to decide on two things:

  • How many images you are interested in
  • What sizes you want them in

To help you make your decision, here is a list of licence fees for personal use only.

Buy licence for 1 (one) small jpeg (500×333 pixel) image — $8
Buy licence for 1 (one) medium jpeg (1500×1000 pixel) image — $18
Buy licence for 1 (one) large jpeg (2500×1666 pixel) image — $48
Buy licence for 1 (one) original jpeg image (minimum size 3000 pixels wide) — $88

Small image — 500×333 pixel jpeg. This size is good enough for all your digital devices.
Medium image — 1500×1000 pixel jpeg. This size is good enough for a decent 3R* print.
Large image — 2500×1666 pixel jpeg. This size is good enough for a decent 5R* print.

*Please double check with your preferred print lab

If you are a Singapore government agency or school, you can buy the images strictly for corporate usage only.

The price for corporate use depends on how many images and where you intend to use the images.

To find the price for corporate use, click on ‘Buy’. You will need to specify exactly how you intend to use the image. Based on what you indicate, the internal calculator will specify the fee.

Once you have paid, you will get a link to download the relevant-size jpeg.

Thanks for supporting the work of REDSPORTS.SG with your purchase. I’m grateful for your support.

Best Regards

Les Tan

Creator, Red Sports

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will the watermark be removed?
Yes, you will receive an image without the watermark after payment.

How long is the download link available for?
You have 10 days to download the photos you have purchased the licence for.

Why don’t you sell prints?
I don’t run a print lab and I can’t vouch for the quality of print labs out there. I’m sure you will have your favoured print labs, so I think it’s best you choose the place to develop your prints. Also, once you have the master jpeg, you can develop as many prints as you like.

How come some images that I see on REDSPORTS.SG aren’t available for sale?
That’s because those images were taken by other photographers. I’m only putting up images that I have personally taken.

Will the images be available forever?
I may take the images down after awhile. This is a paid storage space and there is an upper limit. To make space for new images, I will have to delete some of the images at some point.

What do you mean when you say I’m buying a licence? Doesn’t the image belong to me?
The copyright for the image belongs to the photographer. This is the industry practise. You are buying a licence to use the image in clearly defined ways as stated in the terms and conditions. You therefore cannot take the image and sell it on to others.

You also cannot give the images to any other person or company for use in a magazine, a website, or a newspaper. You can use it on your personal devices only, or for your own projects, assignments and presentations.

You also cannot upload the image(s) to Facebook or any other website for others to download.

I represent a private company. Can I buy images from you?
No. I do not sell images to private companies because none of my images have model releases, i.e., we do not have permission from the people featured in the images for their faces to be used by private companies for whatever purposes.

I represent a media company. Can I buy images from you?
No. I do not sell my images to media companies for the same reason stated above — I have no explicit permission from the people who are in the images.

I represent a Singapore government ministry, statutory board or school. Can I buy images from you?
Yes, you can, but there are some exceptions. You cannot resell the images. You also have to specify exactly how the images will be used. The image licence is granted on that basis. You cannot purchase the rights for a certain use and then use the image for other purposes. You will have to come to a separate agreement in writing for multiple uses.

Why are there so many restrictions on usage?
I take images to help me tell a story on REDSPORTS.SG. That is my primary focus. I do not wish to see my images used for other purposes that I may not necessarily agree with, especially when the persons featured in the images have not given their consent for such purposes either.

So why do you make the images available for purchase?
I make them available because I have had periodic requests from teachers, parents and the athletes themselves for these high-resolution images. This platform is meant to help make it easier for everyone to get what they need.