Story by Joash Chow/Red Sports. Photos by Jared Chow and Joash Chow/Red Sports.

ACS(I)’s Hayyan Darwish (#6) sprints to the line to score his second try. (Photo 1 © Jared Chow/Red Sports)

ACS(I)’s Hayyan Darwish (#6) sprints to the line to score his second try. (Photo 1 © Jared Chow/Red Sports)

Jurong West Stadium, Tuesday, 23 April 2024 — Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) put on a clinical display to put Saint Andrew’s Junior College away with a 66-0 win in the first semi-final of the National School Games (NSG) ‘A’ Division Rugby 2024 Season.

ACS(I) opened the scoring within the first minute with a half-field effort from Russell Lim (AC #22). Captain Isaac Chow (AC #9) converted to take the lead 7-0.

Independent repeated another half-field line-break, this time by Jedd Tan (AC #12) to bring his side up 12-0.

A knock-on by ACS(I) in their half gave SAJC an attacking opportunity. However, Independent’s stiff defensive pressure led to the boys in blue-and-gold soon regaining possession.

Captain Chow (AC #9) seized an opportunity with a quick tap and ran from the 50-meter line to score. David Magnus (AC #11) converted the try to bring the score to 19-0.

ACS(I)’s next try came off a scrum strike-move from their clinical backline. Inside centre Jedd Tan (AC #12) received the ball on a loop and drew in three Saint’s defenders before releasing the ball to Oscar McEwin (AC #26) out wide. McEwin (AC #26) bumped-off another two defenders on his way to the try line.

Two back-to-back tries were scored by Hayyan Darwish (AC #6). Magnus’ (AC #11) successful conversions brought ACS(I) up 40-0.

Audric Cheng (AC #4) scored next off a penalty. Substitute flyhalf Rahul Baskar (AC #27) failed to convert from the left edge.

Nevertheless, Rahul Baskar (AC #27) quickly redeemed himself with a try of his own after a line break and offload from outside centre John Heng (AC #13). This time, Rahul Baskar (AC #27) converted successfully.

Within the next two minutes, Rahul Baskar (AC #27) found the tryline again and converted to make it 59-0.

SAJC’s defensive pressure halted ACSI’s final attack attempt in the first-half, when the AC ball-carrier was forced into touch. However, a stray knock-on in the lineout by the Saints brought the first-half to a close.

The second-half lasted all but two minutes as Rahul Baskar (AC #27) rounded up a hat-trick of tries and converted his final try.

The match ended at 66-0 in favour of ACS(I), with the mercy rule applied following the greater than 60-point differential.

“We started off quite strong, and we managed to remain quite composed throughout the whole game, so hopefully we can continue this momentum into the finals,” said ACS(I) captain Isaac Chow (AC #9).

Speaking for SAJC was captain Ryan Haziqi (SA #26), who was unfortunately forced to spectate from the sidelines due to a shoulder injury. He said: “We are one of the most inexperienced teams in the A Division, we have a lot of new players, but regardless of the score, I am proud of what the team managed to [achieve] for putting up a good fight.”

“It shows how far we have come, [especially] as players who have only been playing for one year.”

“It was a professional performance by the team,” said ACS(I) head coach Mr Adrian Chong.

“We will be focusing on various scenarios that may happen in the final and to be able to handle them to the best of our ability come the day of the finals.”

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) will play Raffles Institution in the final at the National Stadium on Monday, 6 May 2024 at 4.00pm.

The final will be live-streamed at the following link.

Saint Andrew’s Junior College finished 4th after going down 24-10 to Anglo-Chinese Junior College in the 3rd/4th placing match played on Monday, 29 April 2024.

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) v Saint Andrew’s Junior College

Scoring by half
Half-time: 59-0
Full-time: 66-0


Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Audric Cheng Yu Xiang (#4) – 1 try
Hayyan Darwish Bin Johari (#6) – 2 tries
Chow Rae Howe Isaac (#9) – 1 try, 1 conversion
Jedd Tan Shi Jie (#12) – 1 try
Russell Lim Yi (#22) – 1 try
Oscar Andrew James McEwin (#26) – 1 try
Rahul Baskar (#27) – 3 tries, 3 conversions
David Christian Wei-An Magnus (#11) – 4 conversions

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Roster

Emmanuel Tan (#1), Au Yeung Chi Hang Lucas (#2), Harshavardhana Niteesh (#3), Ryan Hia Juay Hng (#8), Ng Ray-Ven (#16), Evan Tan Kai Jin (#17), Ho Marcus (#18), Lucas Yeo Zhen Ye (#19), Audric Cheng Yu Xiang (#4), Evan Tan Yuren (#5), Hayyan Darwish Bin Johari (#6), Javier Ling Qing Hong (#7), Chow Rae Howe Isaac (#9), Ryan Joshua Ong (#10), David Christian Wei-An Magnus (#11), Jedd Tan Shi Jie (#12), John Heng Kai En (#13), Euan David Ong Yi-En (#14), Chan Ee Xi Elliot (#15), Zhou Sanzheng (#20), Kayden Tok Zhi Yu (#21), Russell Lim Yi (#22), Lucien Ang Yixun (#23), Ong Tze Herng, Kieran (#24), Shane Wong Zheng Xian (#25), Oscar Andrew James McEwin (#26), Rahul Baskar (#27), Lee Weng Ern (#28), Lee Wen Hao, Judah (#29), Tan Jian Ting (#30)

Saint Andrew’s Junior College Roster

Tan Jee Tao (#25), Ryan Haziqi Bin Zulhakimi (#26), Lee Zhong Jun, Ronald (#3), Soh Hoi Yin (#18), Low Jun Heng (#22), Chew Wei Zhe Oliver (#2), Quile Jing Er (#4), Nabil Afiq Bin Jumali (#23), Yong Yew Wey Sean (#16), Augustine Chong Jun Xuan (#17), Joshua David Bean (#20), Lin Yuanfeng Javier (#9), Ryan Chew Jen Yenn (#1), Zhang Jiachen Ryan (#1), Goh Wayne (#24), Chan Hian Hong, Feodor (#12), Sim Jun Ming, Reeve (#28), Aloysius Koh Jun Rui (#14) Karthikeyan Vikhram (#13), Lim Jun, Terrell (#21), Wong Shi Zun Joseph (#5), Lee Kai Jie (#30), Ethan Ng (#7), Cedric Tan Li Heng (#10), Ethan Liew Ka Djun (#15), Isaac Lean Jing Yu (#8), QUek Wen Han Joshua (#11), Ben Oliver Cooper-Bell (#19), Wong Tai Zhao, Kendrick (#6), Zachary Wee Jun Zhe (#27)

 *** NOTE: Names and jersey numbers are based on official team sheets.

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