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Full eight-man scrum at the Nation School Games as rugby 15s returns. (Photo X © Bryan Foo/Red Sports

A full 16-man scrum at the National School Games as rugby 15s returns. ACS(I) beat ACS (Barker Road) 61-0 in the semi-final to book a spot in their 27th straight C Division rugby final. (Photo 1 © Bryan Foo/Red Sports)

MOE (Evans) Stadium, Thursday, August 18, 2022 — Effective kicking by fullback Harry Curran (ACS(I) #15) saw Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) through to their 27th straight C Division rugby final, after beating brother school Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) 61-0 in the semi-final.

The C Division season brought the return of 15s rugby to the National School Games (NSG) for the first time since the Covid-19 situation began. Earlier this year, the A and B Divisions competed in a 7-a-side format tournament, due to the prevailing regulations.

“It is a good change from the 7s that we watched our seniors play,” said Independent captain Jeremiah Lee (ACS(I) #12). The centre added: “There were a lot more things to cover compared to 7s, but I think the coaches did a very good job… they pushed us to our max.”

Independent flanker Leon Loh (ACS(I) #7) opened the match with its first try, taking the opposition by surprise after scoring from a loose ball. A successful conversion by Curran brought the score to 7-0.

From then on, Independent launched waves of attacks, often scoring only after a few phases. Clinical ‘chip-and-chase’ kicking in open play by Curran created many opportunities for his teammates to rack up the tries.

The Independent fullback also added to ACS(I)’s scoreboard through his conversions, successfully converting all seven of his attempts.

“Being 15s, there are so much more things to cover, and we are always just struggling to ‘finish the syllabus’ so to say – we are just happy that we have made it this far,” said Independent head coach Mr Adrian Chong.

The match was brought to a close even before the first half had concluded. A try from Iestyn John (ACS(I) #29) successfully converted by Christian Hunter (ACS(I) #34) took the score line to 61-0, triggering the 60-point differential mercy rule.

ACS(I) will be looking to complete their ‘Grand Slam’ for 2022, after having won both the A and B titles this year.

A win would also extend their streak at the C Division level, with Independent being the reigning champions from 2016 to 2019. The competition was last played in 2019, prior to the Covid-19 situation.

“We are happy with the progress, and I am very glad that we have made our 27th final in a row,” said Mr Chong. “I think it is just back to the drawing board, working hard, keeping the focus – I don’t think the job is done yet.”

ACS(I) will play St. Andrew’s Secondary School in the final scheduled for August 25 – a repeat of the 2019 C Division final.

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) v Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road)

Scoring by half
Half-time: 61-0
Full-time: 61-0


Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)
Leon Loh Shu-Juin (#7) – 1 try
Harry Irfan Curran (#15) – 1 try, 7 conversions
Parith Avasadanond (#4) – 1 try
Ethan Lim (#2) – 1 try
Ethan James Kuah Qing (#14) – 1 try
Jonathan Jevielin Kristianto (#5) – 1 try
Kong Hoe Wah Isaac (#8) – 1 try
Jeremiah Lee Wei Han (#12) – 1 try
Iestyn David Gareth John (#29) – 1 try
Hunter Christian John Kusmuljadi (#34) – 1 conversion

Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) Roster
Harris Teo Hong Yee (Zhang Hongyi) (#16), Ethan Lim (#2), Ames Leung Man Hon (#1), Tran Zhen Wei, Nathaniel (#3), Farid Bin Samad (#24), Quinn Adrian Young Xiang Hong (#18), Ngoei Yong En (#22), Parith Avasadanond (#4), Jonathan Jevielin Kristianto (#5), Callum Stuart Morrison (#6), Leon Loh Shu-Juin (#7), Kong Hoe Wah Isaac (#8), Jansen Ling Qing Xian (#9), Jaryl Lee Jianming (#10), Low Ying Xiang, Joshua (#11), Jeremiah Lee Wei Han (#12), Ethan James Kuah Qing (#14), Harry Irfan Curran (#15), Jamus Cheng Jinhui (#17), Erick Tio Ding Fan (#19), Thong Yu Xuan, Kaiden (#21), Raphael Min Htet Ng (#25), Ryoji Ryan Loh (#26), Iestyn David Gareth John (#29), Tyler Wong (#30), Ryan John Lee (#32), Dion Lee Jikai (#33), Hunter Christian John Kusmuljadi (#34), Zachary Chua Kai En (#35), Han Eil Kuang (#51)

Anglo-Chinese School (Barker Road) Roster
Daniel Kwok (Guo Xueyi) (#12), Gianluca Primo Speciale (#30), Edrik Chen Jiehong (#17), Jamie Thomas Andersen (#6), Hafiz Arwyn Jones (#19), Ralph Gan (#14), Wong De Li Derrick (#15), Kyle Ng Zhi Kai (#22), Nacova Ding Kai (Chen Kai) (#18), Evan John Rustrick (#10), Kaelan Wong Yan Siang (#26), Chua Hao Wei Nick (#29), Lee Jaeyoon (#16), Ethan Ng (#23), Ian Jeriah Stephen (#25), Arya Evan Zaccheus (#4), Luke Ian Butcher (#20), Teo Rui Feng (#9), Ezra Lye Ci Yuen (Li Siyuan) (#5), Keefe Loh Jun Oi (#21), Samuel Siang Yu (Shang Yu) (#8), Wong De Rui Jonathan (#24), Goh Yu Heng Joshua (#11), Haris Muhsein Bin Mohammad Effendi (#28), Josiah Zhi Yang Williams (#1), Nico Caviezel (#7), Ryan Ng Yi Kai (Huang Yikai) (#2), Muhammad Danial Bharizun Bin Noordin (#27), Wan Ian Irfann Bin Wan Shamsury (#13), Ong Yiu Kiat (#3)

*** NOTE: Names and jersey numbers are based on official team sheets.

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