Story by Clara Yuan/Red Sports. Photos by Soh Jun Wei and Clara Yuan/Red Sports


Players contesting for possession of the ball. (Photo 1 © Clara Yuan/Red Sports)

National Stadium, Monday, December 7, 2015 — A strong second half effort helped Singapore gain victory over Malaysia after tying 1–1 at halftime in the last round-robin game of the 8th ASEAN Para Games. This match is a prelude to the bronze medal game, as both teams have already booked their spots for the bronze medal playoff.

Singapore scored an early long-range goal three minutes into the game through Khairul Anwar (#10), leaving Malaysia eager to close the lead for the rest of the first half. Malaysia’s Noor Mohd Ariff (#7) answered with a goal to tie the game at 1–1 going into the halftime break.

Singapore started the second half strong, scoring a goal just 90 seconds into the game through Muhammad Shahidil (#12), who sent the ball into the back of the net to put Singapore up 2–1. Muhammad Taufiq (#6) and Muhammad Shahidil (#12) rode on the momentum by contributing a goal each to pull away further to 4–1.

The Malaysian side however, did not give up hope and continued looking for opportunities in hopes of a comeback. They managed to score one goal in the second half but it was not enough to turn the game around, as they eventually went down 2–4 to Singapore.

Both teams will meet again in the bronze medal playoff, which will be played on Wednesday, December 9 at 1pm.

Score by period
Singapore vs Malaysia
1st half: 1–1
2nd half: 3–1 (4–2)

Muhammad Shahidil (#12) – 2 goals
Khairul Anwar (#10) – 1 goal
Muhammad Taufiq (#6) – 1 goal

Noor Mohd Ariff (#7) – 1 goal
Mohamad Sobri (#10) – 1 goal

Singapore Roster
Balasubramaniam (#2), Abdul Mahdi (#3), Muhammad Shafiq (#4), Hitesh G Ramchandani (#5), Muhammad Taufiq (#6), Suhaimi Bin Sudar (#7), Peter Kam (#8), Jeremiah Tan (#9), Khairul Anwar (#10), Muhammad Murabak (#11), Muhammad Shahidil (#12), Muhammad Firdaus (#13), Muhammad Danial (#14)

Malaysia Roster
Muhamad Shafiq (#1), Shahrul Hafiq (#2), Ahmad Firdaus (#3), Hamdan Bin Koderi (#4), Amirul Bin Mian (#5), Noor Mohd Ariff (#7), Zaidi Bin Abu Hassan (#8), Norsham Bin Nasir (#9), Mohamad Sobri (#10), Ramadhan Bin Ahmad (#11), Muhamaad Fairus (#22)

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