By Sasha Christian/Red Sports


Calvin and his team placed 16th in World Floorball Championship in December 2012. (Photo © Joseph Lee/Red Sports)

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Calvin Lim, 25, is part of the Singapore men’s floorball team that just won a gold at the 2013 South-East Asian (SEA) Games. Floorball is a demonstration sport at the games.

Calvin, an undergraduate at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), was at his first SEA Games.

We caught up with Calvin before he left for Myanmar to find out about his floorball experiences.

Sasha Christian: What challenges did you face heading into the SEA Games?
Calvin Lim: I’m quite injury prone especially my ankles. So I try to be careful at trainings. I had to double up the effort to do strengthening exercises for my ankle especially after tearing my ligaments in my left ankle and sustaining a bad ankle sprain on my right after my left recovered slightly.

What did you hope to gain from this SEA Games?
Calvin: I hope to gain the experience of competing in a major sporting event in South East Asia. Floorball was never a part of such major events. So this time it’s different, I want to soak in the atmosphere and enjoy the process of it. I hope to achieve more than a medal. In terms of team bonding, to gain an experience that I’ve never had.

What was your training like in the lead up to the SEA Games?
Calvin: Due to the constraint of venue, we haven’t had much training. But we did have a couple of friendly matches against schools in Singapore.

Who is your role model?
Calvin: I do not really have any role model in particular, but I just pick up and learn stuff along the way in life.

When and how did you get started in your sport?
Calvin: I started floorball during my first year in Temasek Polytechnic. I used to play soccer a lot and decided to try something different. I wasn’t particularly outstanding that the seniors and coach took notice of me back then. Fortunately, I had a friend who was an alumni then who gave me a little help along the way and sort of paved the way to where I am now.

Which school did you play for?
Calvin: I used to play for Temasek Polytechnic but am currently playing for SIM.

What is your best school sport memory?
Calvin: In Temasek Poly, my last year was the best even though we didn’t win anything. I guess it’s good to say we were champions in our own way. The friendship and bonding forged was priceless and I totally treasure it till this day.

In SIM, I was finally able to pick up an elusive tertiary medal in the recent Singapore University Games (SUniG) Games held at Nanyang Technological University.

If you weren’t a floorballer, what other sport would you do?
Calvin: I haven’t really thought of it. I play a lot of sports but not good at any. Probably playing them just to keep fit and not grow fat.

Any pre-match rituals?
Calvin: I like to listen to music and visualize the game in my head.

What is your biggest motivation?
Calvin: My biggest motivation would be the people who are going to play together with me. I fight for them and myself and of course to do Singapore proud.

Calvin Lim Hanrong
Age: 25
DOB: September 9, 1988
Height: 172cm
Weight: 71kg
Favourite Food: Pizza
Sport: Floorball
Significant Achievements:
World Cup Qualifiers – Gold (Feb 2012)
World Floorball Championship – 16th (Dec 2012)
Current Occupation: Student