Who will get nominated for the RedSportsV zonal voting? Stick around to find out. (Photo © Leslie Tan/Red Sports)

Hi basketballers and sports fans,

A total of 165 players have been nominated so far. The players who have received the minimum of 10 nominations to qualify for the voting round starting February 19 are:

Adam Goh Dunman 9 PG East Boys
Alton Kow Balestier Hill 14 SF South Boys
Andy Ong Mayflower 4 PF South Boys
Benjamin Foo Yusof Ishak 13 SG West Boys
Chong Kok Wai Presbyterian High 11 SG North Boys
Chong Ming Xuan Catholic High 14 C South Boys
Colin Chou CCH(M) 13 SG East Boys
Dominic Wee North Vista 7 PG North Boys
Fandy Cendrajaya Balestier Hill 8 PF South Boys
Gerald Toh Seng Kang 6 SF North Boys
Jabez Su Catholic High 4 PF South Boys
Jervin Lim Maris Stella 5 PG North Boys
Johnathan Lian Jurong 8 PG West Boys
Khoo Da Wei Hougang 9 SG North Boys
Larry Liew North Vista 11 SF North Boys
Lim Qi Xiang Peirce 13 PF South Boys
Lor Weng Siang New Town 9 PG West Boys
Ng Zhao Feng Gan Eng Seng 9 PG South Boys
Royson Quek Qi Hao Peirce 10 PF South Boys
Russel Low Presbyterian High 5 C North Boys
Shervin Lim Maris Stella 4 PG North Boys
Subhas Nair New Town 13 PF West Boys
Tan Bai Yong Peirce 11 PG South Boys
Teo Kun You Seng Kang 10 C North Boys
Van Damme Ahmad Ibrahim 13 PF North Boys
Wong Kam Seng Catholic High 11 PF South Boys

Chan Sze Lei New Town 4 PG West Girls
Clara Chua Anglican High 14 SF East Girls
Hannah Ng RGS 4 C South Girls
Kum Yu Shi Anglican High 13 C East Girls
Sara Choong SCGS 14 SG East Girls
Tsang Wei Yi Nanyang Girls' 6 PG West Girls
Vanessa Tan Anglican High 9 PG East Girls
Vienna Chua RGS 9 PG South Girls

Players who have 5 nominations or more currently are:

Adora Tay Mayflower 9 PG South Girls
Chng Yong Dunman 7 PG East Boys
Desmond Fairfield Methodist 4 SG South Boys
Dominic Lim Catholic High 10 PG South Boys
Jia Jia Chu Ahmad Ibrahim 12 SG North Girls
Kai Kiat Balestier Hill 10 C South Boys
Kelvin Tan CCHY 4 SG North Boys
Lim Jia Yan Yuying 7 PG South Girls
Loh Yu Hong Dunearn 9 PF West Girls
Mack Lee Jurong West 8 PG West Boys
Marcus Chang Jurong 14 C West Boys
Ng Lai Kiat Queenstown 9 PG South Boys
Ping Hau Si Ling 13 PF North Boys
Randy Ng Jurong 7 SG West Boys
Soh Wei Yan Jurong 4 PG West Boys
Tan Han Boon Seng Kang 14 PF North Boys
Tan Wei Xiang Jurong West 14 C West Boys
Tao Han Maris Stella 9 PG North Boys
Wu Qing De CCHY 13 C North Boys
Zhou Zhen Qiang Yishun 5 SG North Boys

Remember, you need 10 nominations to qualify for the voting round. Also, entries without full names run the risk of being dropped from the voting round because the requirement is for full names.

This is how you nominate players for the vote:

Select your best five starters for each position and put it down in the comments section this way:

full name of player – school – jersey number – position (you can only choose one) – zone – gender

The positions are: Centre (C), Shooting Guard (SG), Point Guard (PG), Small Forward (SF), Power Forward (PF)

So for example, this is how you would write it:

Russel Low – Presbyterian High – #5 – C – North Zone – boys

We need the jersey number so that photographers can recognise and take their picture.

Nominations will close midnight on Monday, February 18, 2008. Players who receive at least 10 nominations will get their names entered into the voting pool. After that, voting will begin.

The voting will be done first by zone and will last for two weeks. The 2 players for every position with the highest number of votes will get promoted to a national voting contest to find the eventual RedSports V (“V” stands for the number 5 in Roman numerals). So eventually, 10 players from each zone will get moved up to the national voting contest for a total of 40 players.

Then the voting starts again to determine who are the 5 players out of these 40 who will get into the RedSports V.

So let’s have fun and let the nomination begin. Don’t forget, all nominations must come in by midnight, Monday, February 18, 2008.

Red Sports. Always Game.®




Nomination period: February 4 – 18, 2008
Zonal voting: February 19 – March 3, 2008
National voting: March 4 – date of National B Division Championship Finals (anyone know the date?)

Rules regarding the nomination and voting process:

a. Leave your nominations in the comments section.
b. Incomplete submissions will not be taken into consideration.
c. Nominated players must be existing school team players.
d. Nominated players must receive a minimum of 10 nominations before they qualify to enter the voting pool.
e. You cannot nominate the same player twice (we can tell using your computer’s IP address).
f. We reserve the right to discard nominations and votes if we find that there is abuse.