Story by REDintern Charles Lim. Photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports.

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Sara Choong (SIT #11) with the tough floater. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

The Wave, Nanyang Technological University, Monday, September 30, 2019 — Despite a slow start for both teams in the first half, Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) managed to find their rhythm and secure the 51-33 win against Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) in their debut match

“We were a bit nervous at the start, but we gained our pace slowly through the game” Co-captains Su Rui (SIT #1) and Dianne Ong (SIT #15) commented about their performance for the match.

In the first quarter, both SIT and SIM took turns behind the 3-point line for their first bucket but were unable to convert. Ending the 4-minute scoring drought was Sara Choong (SIT #11) who converted via a fast break. Both teams went neck to neck until SIT managed to convert 2 treys via Su Rui (SIT #1) and Mei Zeng (SIT #3), giving SIT the 8-4 lead. SIT would eventually have a slight lead of 12-4 to end the quarter.

Both teams had a low scoring second quarter as they were plagued with traveling violations and unable to find good looks. SIT would extend their lead further to 21-9 to end the second quarter.

With a stellar full-court defense set, SIM managed to hold the SIT offense at bay and narrow the deficit with their aggression in the third quarter. Tham Ren Qi (SIM #9) and Oh Wen Qi (SIM #17) managed to find their way through to the basket and converted on a reverse layup and at the foul line. Sonia Lee (SIM #1) also managed to nail a long-range jumper to bring them within 5 points at 17-22.

However, SIT eventually found their offensive rhythm and managed to end SIM’s 8-1 run. Su Rui (SIT #1) followed her trey with a steal and converted off a fast break, giving SIT back their comfortable lead of 33-21.

SIT started the final quarter with a 9-1 run to extend their lead before SIM called for a timeout. With their reorganization, SIM managed to pick up their offense and Wen Qi (SIM #17) managed to find the open cutter and convert a free throw. Despite that, SIT continued their pace and end the game with a convincing 51-33 win.

On their aspirations for SUniG, SIT Co-Captains Su Rui (SIT #1) and Dianne Ong (SIT #15) shared, “We hope that we can play the best for every game we have.” SIM Captain Ren Qi (SIM #9) attributed their loss to a slow transition defense and hopes the team can improve on that in their remaining matches.

Scoring by Quarter


1st Quarter: 12-5
2nd Quarter: 21–9 (9-4)
3rd Quarter: 33-21 (12-12)
4th Quarter: 51–33 (18-12)

Top Scorers

Choong Si Ying Sara (#11) – 15 points

Tham Ren Qi (#9) – 13 points

SIT Roster
Ng Su Rui (#1), Lai Mei Zeng (#3), Dang Jia Ning (#5), Ceres Suwe Yuan Ting (#6), Cheryl Ong Ying Qi (#10), Choong Si Ying Sara (#11), Lim Xiang Xuan (#13), Dianne Ong Li Ping (#15)

SIM Roster
Sonia Lee Ying (#1), Woon Karen (#4), Lim Yu Xuan Melissa (#5), Wong Hui Yi (#6), Tham Ren Qi (#9), Loo Qiao Yun (#11), Bok Wen Qi (#12), Shirley Long Ying Jie (#13), Foo Sze Ping (#14), Oh Wen Qi (#17), Ngai Hui Min (#21), Tan Ying Shan (#22)

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