Story by Charles Lim/Red Sports. Photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports

national university of singapore management games

Tan Li Wen (NUS #14) makes her moves against her defender. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

The Wave, Nanyang Technological University, Monday, September 30, 2019 — With strong rotations throughout the game, National University of Singapore (NUS) managed to break Singapore Management University’s (SMU) defense and seal the 56-32 victory.

Both NUS and SMU did not find the bottom of the net in the early minutes of the quarter. Just 3 minutes in, NUS called for a substitution that saw a 4-player rotation. That changed the rhythm of the game as both teams got their offenses going.

SMU had the initial advantage going on a 6-0 run banking on Cheryl Eio (SMU #77), who was having her way in the paint backing down on her defenders. NUS ended that run with an 8-0 run of their own, as they did another full 5-player rotation. Mavis Chng (NUS #8) and Bernice Yeo (NUS #4) crashed the boards and converted from their offensive rebounds, putting NUS ahead at 10-8 to end the quarter.

SMU gave NUS a tight contest to start the second quarter as the lead changed sides multiple times. However, NUS managed to pull ahead later into the quarter as they managed to guard their paint well with double and triple teams on SMU’s frontcourt. Combined with the hustle from Mavis Chng (NUS #8) and Bernice Yeo (NUS #4) on the offensive boards, NUS cemented a 27-15 lead at half time.

Despite a valiant effort by SMU in the third quarter, they were unable to find their buckets and prevent NUS from extending their lead. Tan Li Wen (NUS #14) managed to get into a momentum and shot consecutive 7 points for NUS to stretch their lead to 43-23 to end the third quarter.

The start of the fourth quarter saw SMU net back-to-back 5 points coming off the efforts of Sara Tan (SMU #7) and Sophia Isabelle Ang (SMU #9), where the latter made an and one play off her offensive rebound. NUS continued their pace on offense with organized set plays and swings to find their open shooters where they would wrap up the game with the 56-32 win.

“We need to work a lot harder and learn from this loss. There are 2 more games left where we can work on.” Co-Captain Sara Tan (SMU #7) reflects on the loss. Tay Jinwen (NUS #2) shared, “We played good defense and had good morale all the way even before the game. We hope to step up and challenge NTU.”

Scoring by Quarter

1st Quarter: 10-8
2nd Quarter: 27–15 (17-7)
3rd Quarter: 43-23 (16-8)
4th Quarter: 56–32 (13-9)

Top Scorers

Tan Li Wen (#14) – 10 points

Sophia Isabelle Ang Su Min (#9) – 11 points

NUS Roster
Tay Jinwen (#2), Yeo Yin Siew Bernice (#4), Angela Chen Zhiyao (#5), Chua Jin Xia, Valerie (#6), Chng Shi Qi Mavis (#8), Kristerbel Pang Wan Cheng (#9), Tan Li Wen (#14), Chok Xin Yan (#15), Carisia Lee Jia Yu (#17), Koh Hwee Ching (#18), Mandy Leoh Yun Wan (#22), Michelle Chew Jie Er (#27)

SMU Roster
Lim Yin Yan (#1), Chelsea Eng Rihuai (#4), Soh Jia Xuan (#6), Tan Yan Wen, Sara (#7), Sophia Isabelle Ang Su Min (#9), Ng Qi Hui (#10), Tan Zhao (#11), Tho Shu Ting Belinda (#12), Tan Si Ying (#15), Lim Jie En (#22), Teh Wen Ruey (#25), Cheryl Eio Yi Yun (#77),

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