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World University Games: Jillian Lee, Cheryl Teo, Scott Lau, Tan Jen-E win sailing bronze

The Singapore 2 team of Jillian Lee (Skipper – National University of Singapore), Cheryl Teo (Ngee Ann Polytechnic), Matthew Scott Lau (NUS), and Tan Jen-E (Edinburgh Napier) won a bronze at the Summer Universiade.

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“You have straight As? Too one-dimensional” – US university admission officers

"So it’s a wakeup call. Our students getting straight As are insufficient and in some cases can actually be a hindrance. So getting the three As and the one B, plus representing Singapore at the Singapore school level, are probably better than getting straight As," said Mr Richard Seow.

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How do they train youth players at Ajax football club? They learn judo

At AFC Ajax, youth footballers spend 50 percent of their time on football. The other 50 percent? They learn other sports. Only as they age do they gradually specialise on football.

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Are you picking talented youth? Or just the older player? Beware the Relative Age Effect

We see a group of primary school boys playing football. We think we can spot who is more talented. In actual fact, all we may be doing is just picking the older boy.

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British performance pathway planning – the grind behind the gold

At their home Olympics in 2012, Great Britain, with 541 athletes, won 29 gold, and 65 medals in total, to finish third on the medal table. While countries will fade away after a home games, remarkably, the British went to Rio in 2016, and with a smaller contingent of 366 athletes, won 27 gold, and two more medals in total, to finish second.

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“By age 8-9, many of our youth athletes are playing only one sport throughout the year. For a small country like ours, this is sub optimal” – Richard Seow

Mr Richard Seow, Chairman of Sport Singapore, was speaking at the opening of the 2017 Youth Athlete Development Conference organised by the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) on Friday, Nov 3, 2017, at *SCAPE.

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Skateboarding, sport climbing, BMX, 3×3 basketball are now Olympic sports – what should Singapore do?

Over 200 participants took the opportunity to discuss urban youth sports at the Youth Athlete Development Conference.

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