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How do they train youth players at Ajax football club? They learn judo

At AFC Ajax, youth footballers spend 50 percent of their time on football. The other 50 percent? They learn other sports. Only as they age do they gradually specialise on football.

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Are you picking talented youth? Or just the older player? Beware the Relative Age Effect

We see a group of primary school boys playing football. We think we can spot who is more talented. In actual fact, all we may be doing is just picking the older boy.

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How can Singapore keep late developing sport talents in our system? Bio-banding

We have all seen it before – two boys of the same age but one is much bigger than the other. Why? The rate of biological maturation – the two boys grow at different rates. The result? The early developer is usually chosen for the school team over the late developer.

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Thinking of training for long distance running? Dr Nicholas Foo shows how to get started

"The core idea is that consistent and cumulative mileage is required if one wishes to participate in long distance events." – Dr Nicholas Foo

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3.2km for IPPT? 13-yr-old schoolgirls already run 3.6km at cross country c’ships

National Servicemen (NSmen) may have to run 3.2 kilometres instead of 2.4km to pass their Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT).

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