singapore sports hub construction

A section of the dome is now visible on the new National Stadium. It will be the world’s largest dome with a 310 diameter. (Photo © Arup. Used with permission.)


Kallang, Thursday, October 4, 2012 — Construction of the world’s largest dome roof has begun at the Singapore Sports Hub. A small section of the dome of the new National Stadium is now visible and the entire project is expected to be finished in 2014.

The Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Texas, USA, currently has the world’s largest dome at 275m in diameter.

The roof is movable and the new stadium will be custom-built to host football, rugby, cricket and athletic events, a unique combination.

The lower tier of seats will be movable to accommodate the various pitch configurations required of the different sports.

The National Day Parade is slated to be hosted annually in the stadium.

“The tropical climate in Singapore poses a challenge in the design of the National Stadium,” said Clive Lewis, the lead sports venue designer from Arup, the company which designed the building.

“People will only enjoy the stadium experience if the environmental conditions are right. We wanted to keep the rain and heat out, but we also wanted it to be an open and dynamic space.

“After extensive research into comfort expectations and energy in use, we realised that a naturally ventilated stadium with localised cooling gave us the best solution for the local climate in Singapore.

“By incorporating a moving roof, the stadium will be further protected from the harsh climatic conditions, allowing events to be hosted during the hottest parts of the day,” added Lewis.

Apart from the new 55,000-seater National Stadium, the Sports Hub will also feature a 3,000-seater Aquatic Centre and a 3,000-seater Multi-Purpose Indoor Arena. A sports library and museum will also be incorporated into the project.

With local firm DP Artchitects as masterplanners, the Sports Hub is designed to link up to the island-wide park connector system for easy public access.

The Sports Hub is currently the largest sports infrastructure Public-Private-Partnership project in the world.