Community Games Bball: Toa Payoh West beat Toa Payoh Central 58-35 for 2nd win in a row



Chua Joo Chuan (TPY Central #8) goes up to fake a shot but passes to a team mate at the last minute. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Peirce Secondary, Sunday, April 22, 2012 — Toa Payoh West CSC beat Toa Payoh Central CSC 58-35 to register their second win in the Community Games.

They had beaten Bishan North 72-26 in their opening game in Group B of the Bishan-Toa Payoh Cluster. A win in their final group game against Thomson-Toa Payoh CSC will send them into the Cluster final as the winner of Group B.

Lim Yong Quan (#7) led Toa Payoh West with 15 points while teammates Wong Bing Shun and Roger Fock had 14 and 11 points respectively. Bing Shun poured in four 3-pointers in the game.

Sherman Soh (#13) had a team-high 12 points for Toa Payoh Central.

It was a finely matched contest for two quarters with Toa Payoh Central taking a 14-8 lead at the end of the first quarter on the back of Sherman Soh’s (#13) 11 points, including one 3-pointer.

Toa Payoh West came back in the second quarter, outscoring Central 16-7 to take a slim three-point, 24-21 lead at half time, with Wong Bing Shun (#10) lighting up the court with two 3-pointers.

However, Toa Payoh Central’s resistance fell away in the third quarter as Lim Yong Quan (#7) poured in 10 points to lead Toa Payoh Central to a 41-26 lead going into the final quarter.

Toa Payoh West poured in four 3-pointers in the final quarter — two each from Bing Shun and Yong Quan — to wrap up the win 58-35.

“We’ve been playing together for six to 10 years in the same neighbourhood,” said Bing Shun, 30, the captain of the Toa Payoh West team. “The players are in their early 20s and 30s and we are all still staying in the same area. We train at night on Monday, Thursday and Sunday at the Toa Payoh CC at Block 200A, Lorong 2.”

The are are a total of seven basketball teams playing in the Bishan-Toa Payoh Cluster. The top two teams in the Cluster will go on to play in the Singapore National Games.

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Scoring by Quarters
Toa Payoh West vs Toa Payoh Central
1st Q: 8-14
2nd Q: 16-7 (24-21)
3rd Q: 17-5 (41-26)
4th Q: 17-9
Final Score: 58-35

Toa Payoh West
Lim Yong Quan (#7) — 15 pts (1 x 3-pts)
Wong Bing Shun (#10) — 14 pts (4 x 3-pts)
Roger Fock (#13) — 11 pts
Albert Djajabadi (#6) — 9 pts
Koh Wen Yao (#4) — 6 pts (1 x 3-pts)
(#12) — 1 pt

Toa Payoh Central
Sherman Soh (#13) — 12 pts (1 x 3-pts)
Chua Joo Chuan (#8) — 9 pts
Lim Hong Jang (#6) — 6 pts
Lee Jen Yun (#14) — 3 pts
Tan Jin Quan (#7) — 3 pts
Yeo Gong Rui (#5) — 2 pts

Toa Payoh West CSC Lineup
Koh Wen Yao (#4), Albert Djajabadi (#6), Lim Yong Quan (#7), Tham Chin Wah (#8), Lan Jun Tang (#9), Wong Bing Shun (#10), Roger Fock (#13), Michael Loh (#15), Tan Kiah Heng (#17), Kerman Kong (#18)

Toa Payoh Central CSC Lineup
Daniel Chai (#4), Yeo Gong Rui (#5), Lim Hong Jang (#6), Tan Jin Quan (#7), Chua Joo Chuan (#8), Jesper Lim (#9), Sammer Mohamed (#10), Chua Tian Chye (#11), Choo Joon Kiat (#12), Sherman Soh (#13), Lee Jen Yun (#14), Lee Wei Xin (#15), Cher Heng Boon (#16), Ong Say Boon (#17)

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