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Indonesia, Friday, November 18, 2011 — Singapore start Day 8 fifth on the medal tally with 32 gold, 36 silver and 56 bronze medals.

Recurve Mixed Team Quarter-finals: Vanessa Loh and Tan Si Lie lost to Loc Thi Dao and Le Dai Cuong (Vie) 137-138

Compound Mixed Team Quarter-finals: Kimberly Ng and Shawn Tay lost to Jennifer Dy Chan and Earl Benjamin Jacinto Yap (Phi) 136-156

Men’s Singles Semi-finals: Derek Wong lost to Simon Santoso (Ina) 12-21, 17-21

Women’s Singles Semi-finals: Fu Mingtian beat Ratchanok Intanon (Tha) 21-17, 19-21, 22-20

Women’s Doubles Semi-finals: Shinta Mulia Sari and Yao Lei lost to Nadya Melati and Vita Marissa (Ina) 17-21, 18-21

Men’s Snooker Singles Quarter-finals:
Ang Boon Chin beat Rudy Sulaeman (Ina) 4-2
Lim Chun Kiat lost to Win Khaing Min Aye (Mya) 1-4

Men’s Snooker Singles Semi-finals:
Ang Boon Chin beat Thor Chuan Leong (Mas) 4-1

Women’s Team Final: Cherie Tan, Jasmine Yeong-Nathan, Jazreel Tan, New Hui Fen, Shayna Ng 6332 (Gold)

Men’s Team Final: Eugene Low, Jason Yeong-Nathan, Keith Saw, Ng Chiew Pang, Ng Tiac Pin 5787 (4th)

Women’s Team Foil Quarter-finals: Cheryl Wong, Joan Ang, Ruth Ng, Wang Wenying beat Philippines 44-41

Women’s Team Foil Semi-finals: Cheryl Wong, Joan Ang, Ruth Ng, Wang Wenying beat Thailand 45-38

Women’s Team Foil Final: Cheryl Wong, Joan Ang, Ruth Ng, Wang Wenying lost to Vietnam 16-30 (Silver)

All Around (Ball) Final: Phaan Yi Lin 23.841 (4th); Ann Sim 23.891 (3rd)

All Around (Hoop) Final: Phaan Yi Lin 22.766 (7th); Ann Sim 23.982 (3rd)

Races 7-9
Men’s 470: Russell Kan and Terence Koh 10 (1st)
Men’s Laser Radial: Terence Choo 19 (4th)
Men’s Mistral: Shaun Pow 32 (5th)
Men’s RSX: Leonard Ong 21 (3rd)
Women’s 470: Dawn Liu and Sara Tan 7 (1st)
Women’s Laser Radial: Victoria Chan 10 (1st)
Women’s Mistral: Amanda Ng 22 (3rd)
Women’s RSX: Audrey Yong 13 (2nd)
Open Optimist: Elisa Yokoyama 7 (1st)

Men’s Team 2nd and 3rd placing: Singapore lost to Indonesia 2-9

Men’s Speed Record Qualification: Adriel Choo 7.10s (1st); Muhd Zaki 9.11s (3rd)
Men’s Speed Record Quarter-final: Adriel Choo beat Jonathan Feleo (Phi) 9.80-17.56; Muhd Zaki beat Kristian Guerrero (Phi) 9.44-11.80
Men’s Speed Record Semi-final: Adriel Choo lost to Galar Pandu Asmoro (Ina) 6.83-6.89; Muhd Zaki lost to Tonny Mamiri (Ina) 0.00-8.07
Men’s Speed Record 3rd and 4th placing: Adriel Choo beat Muhd Zaki 7.28-8.38 (Bronze, 4th)

Women’s Speed Record Qualification: Janice Ng 14.59s (4th); Judith Sim 14.08s (3rd)
Women’s Speed Record Semi-finals: Janice Ng lost to Evi Neliwati (Ina) 11.80-17.80; Judith Sim lost to Tita Supita (Ina) 10.63-13.74
Women’s Speed Record 3rd and 4th placing: Judith Sim beat Janice Ng 12.39-15.38 (Bronze, 4th)

Men’s Round Robin: Singapore beat Malaysia 15-7

Women’s Slalom Overall: Sasha Christian
Women’s Trick Overall: Sasha Christian
Women’s Wakeboard Team Semi-final: Sasha Christian and Kalya Kee
Men’s Slalom Overall: Jerald Foo
Men’s Trick Overall: Jerald Foo
Men’s Jump Overall: Jeraldo Foo
Men’s Wakeboard Team Semi-final: Matthew Keng, Jerald Foo and Andy Huang

Men’s Taijiquan Final Part 1: Seet Wee Key 9.35 (6th)

Women’s Taijiquan Final Part 1: Valerie Wee 9.66 (3rd); Tao Yi Jun 9.59 (4th)

SEA Games 2011 Final Medal Tally

Medal tally last updated on Tuesday, November 22, 11:30am

INDONESIA 182151142475
THAILAND 107100120327
VIETNAM 9690101287
MALAYSIA 595081190
SINGAPORE 424573160
MYANMAR 16273578
LAOS 9123657
CAMBODIA 4112439
BRUNEI 04711