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sea games

Geoff Kee of Singapore competes in the Waterski slalom preliminaries at the Jakabaring Sports Complex on November 16th, in Palembang, Sumatra, Indonesia. (Photo 1 by Matt King/Getty Images)

Indonesia, Wednesday, November 16, 2011 — Singapore start Day 6 fourth on the medal tally with 25 gold, 24 silver and 40 bronze medals.

Anne Date dropped out of the race at the 39km mark because of heat exhaustion.

Men’s Singles Round of 32: Ashton Chen beat Xaychaleun Xayasit (Lao) 21-6, 21-5
Men’s Singles Round of 16:
Ashton Chen beat Chin Dethputhichea (Cam) 21-5, 21-11
Derek Wong beat Ouankhamchanh Pong (Lao) 21-10, 21-4

Women’s Singles Round of 16:
Fu Mingtian beat Bellaetrix Manuput (Ina) 21-14, 21-19
Gu Juan beat Phung Nguyen Phuon (Vie) 21-12, 21-15

Men’s Doubles Round of 16:
Jonathan Tang and Jeffrey Wong lost to Mak Hee Chun and Ong Soon Hock (Mas) 10-21, 14-21
Liu Yi and Terry Yeo lost to Goh Wei Shem and Lim Khim Wah (Mas) 14-21, 8-21

Women’s Doubles Round of 16:
Yao Lei and Shinta Mulia Sari beat Marylen Ng and Lim Yin Loo (Mas) 21-15, 15-21, 21-17
Chen Jiayuan and Vannessa Neo beat Ei Ei Chaw and Nang Mo Hom (Mya) 21-2, 21-4

Mixed Doubles Round of 16:
Jonathan Tang and Thng Ting Ting lost to Muhd Rijal and Debby Susanto (Ina) 10-21, 7-21
Triyachart Chayut and Yao Lei beat Duong Bao Duc and Thai Thi Hong Gam (Vie) 19-21, 21-9, 21-11

Singapore failed to qualify for the semi-finals after an 80-75 loss to Indonesia in their final group game. They finished third in the group after having beaten Myanmar and lost to Malaysia in their first two.

Men’s Snooker Doubles Final; Marvin Lim and Tommy Ang lost to Thor Chuan Leong and Chong Tin Sam (Mas) 0-3 (Silver)

Men’s Doubles: Keith Saw and Ng Chiew Pang 2393 (5th); Jason Yeong-Nathan and Ng Tiac Pin 2360 (8th); Basil Low and Eugene Low 2137 (17th)

Women’s Doubles: Cherie Tan and Daphne Tan 2456 (Silver); New Hui Fen and Shayna Ng 2372 (6th); Jasmine Yeong-Nathan and Jazreel Tan 2357 (7th)

Men’s Lightweight 60kg Quarter-final: Muhamad Ridwan beat Khonavangkhammouna (Lao)

Mixed team Group RR1: Singapore lost to Indonesia 11-19
Mixed team Group RR2: Singapore beat Thailand 19-11; lost to Philippines 14-16; beat Indonesia 21-9

Women’s 110km Mass Start Final: Dinah Chan 2hr 53min 5 sec (Bronze); Serene Lee 3:01.37 (11th)

Women’s Sabre Team Quarter-final: Felicia Yam, Ann Lee, Nona Lim lost to Thailand 41-45
Men’s Epee Team Quarter-final: Mikail Ling, Samson Lee, Lim Weiwen lost to Malaysia 37-45

Men’s Individual (after 3 rounds): Choo Tze Huang 225 (10th); Gregory Foo 227 (12th); Marc Ong 229 (15th); Jerome Ng 233 (20th)
Men’s Team: Singapore 678 (5th)
Women’s Individual (after 2 rounds): Amelia Yong 148 (6th); Koh Sock Hwee 148 (8th); Stephanie Loi 175 (21st)
Women’s Team: Singapore 296 (5th)

Joanna Chan and Saiyidah Aisyah won the bronze in the women’s W2. They clocked a time of 7:51.650.

SAILING (after 6 races)
Men’s 470: Russell Kan and Terence Koh 6 (1st)
Women’s 470: Dawn Liu and Sara Tan 5 (1st)
Women’s Laser Radial: Victoria Chan 7 (1st)
Men’s Laser Radial: Terence Choo 14 (4th)
Men’s Mistral: Shaun Pow 24 (5th)
Women’s Mistral: Amanda Ng 16 (4th)
Open Optimist: Elisa Yokoyama 5 (1st)
Women’s RSX: Audrey Yong 9 (2nd)
Men’s RSX: Leonard Ong 15 (3rd)

Men’s 25m Centre Fire Pistol Final: Gai Bin 578 (4th); Poh Lip Meng 573 (6th)

Men’s Team 3rd and 4th placing: Singapore beat Malaysia 11-0 (Bronze)
Women’s Team 3rd and 4th placing: Singapore lost to Thailand 3-4 (4th)

Men’s Lead Final: Muhammad Hilman 36 (6th); Jay Koh 34 (7th)

Men’s 100m Freestyle Heats: Danny Yeo 52.31 (3rd); Russell Ong 52.63 (9th)
Men’s 100m Freestyle Final: Danny Yeo 50.98 (Silver, PB)
Men’s 50m Backstroke Heats: Rainer Ng 27.01 (3rd); Quah Zheng Wen 26.65 (2nd)
Men’s 50m Backstroke Final: Quah Zheng Wen 26.38 (Bronze, National Under-17 record); Rainer Ng 26.78 (4th, season’s best)
Men’s 4x200m Freestyle Final: Jeremy Mathews, Clement Lim, Teo Zhen Ren, Danny Yeo 7:31.98 (Gold)
Women’s 100m Freestyle Heats: Amanda Lim 59.02 (6th); Mylene Ong 58.61 (3rd)
Women’s 100m Freestyle Final: Mylene Ong 56.71 (Silver); Amanda Lim 56.73 (Bronze)
Women’s 200m Breaststroke Heats: Samantha Yeo 2:39.11 (2nd); Cheryl Lim 2:39.54 (3rd)
Women’s 200m Breaststroke Final: Samantha Yeo 2:37.12 (Bronze); Cheryl Lim 2:37.45 (4th)
Women’s 100m Backstroke Heats: Tao Li 1:05.99 (4th); Meagan Lim 1:09.02 (6th)
Women’s 100m Backstroke Final: Tao Li 1:02.11 (Gold, National and SEA Games record); Meagan Lim 1:05.85 (5th, PB)

Women’s Singles Semi-Finals: Isabelle Li beat Mai Hoang My Trang (Vie) 4-0; Feng Tianwei beat Christina Ferliana (Ina) 4-1.
Women’s Singles Final: Feng Tianwei beat Isabelle Li 4-0 (Gold, Silver)
Men’s Singles Semi-Finals: Gao Ning beat Tran Tuan Quynh (Vie) 4-1; Yang Zi beat Santosa Fikcy Supi (Ina) 4-2
Men’s Singles Final: Gao Ning beat Yang Zi 4-0 (Gold, Silver)

Men’s Team Group stage: Singapore beat Thailand 16-6

Men’s Wakeboard Last Chance Qualifying: Matthew Christian 66.23 (1st)
Men’s Wakeboard Final: Matthew Christian 60.12 (Bronze); Andy Huang 44.79 (5th)
Women’s Wakeboard Final: Sasha Christian 60.45 (Gold); Kalya Kee 40.23 (Silver)
Men’s Slalom Preliminaries: Geoffrey Kee 7.5 (5th); Matthew Christian Did not start
Women’s Slalom Preliminaries: Kayla Kee 20.5 (2nd); Sasha Christian 20.0 (3rd)
Men’s Tricking Preliminaries: Matthew Christian 690 (5th); Jerald Foo 690 (5th)
Women’s Tricking Preliminaries: Sasha Christian 540 (5th); Kayla Kee 460 (6th)
Men’s Overall Preliminaries: Jerald Foo
Women’s Overall Preliminaries: Sasha Christian
Men’s Jumping Preliminaries: Jerald Foo 11.3 (6th)
Women’s Jumping Preliminaries: Sasha Christian 33.8 (1st)

Men’s 55-60kg Qualification: Gabriel Huang lost to Kang Denpiseth (Cam)
Men’s 60-66kg Semi-Final: Aaron Koh lost to Roque Mana-ay (Phi)

sea games

SEA Games 2011 Final Medal Tally

Medal tally last updated on Tuesday, November 22, 11:30am

INDONESIA 182151142475
THAILAND 107100120327
VIETNAM 9690101287
MALAYSIA 595081190
SINGAPORE 424573160
MYANMAR 16273578
LAOS 9123657
CAMBODIA 4112439
BRUNEI 04711