Are you interested in basketball news via SMS?


We are trying out a new paid SMS news service for those interested in getting information on their mobile phones.

This service will provide basketball news and results.

If you are always out and about, then this SMS service will be for you.

How much will it cost? It will cost 32.1 cents per SMS, including GST, and we will send a maximum of 20 SMSes a month. The maximum cost per month is therefore $6.42. If we send fewer than 20 messages, then the cost to you will be lower.

If you would like this service, then send an SMS with the message “RSB on” 76565.

Signing up is free and you can unsubscribe for free anytime.

I hope you will find this service useful.

30 cents per SMS. (32.1 cents, including GST)
Maximum of 20 SMSes will be sent a month.
Signing up for the service is free.
Unsubscribing from the service is free too.

How to Unsubscribe
To unsubscribe from the Basketball News service, just type “RSB off” and send it to 76565.

You will see either “Red Sports” or “Mobile Ethos” on your phone bill. Mobile Ethos is the name of the company providing the SMS service.
Again, the fee is 32.1 cents, including GST and is available only for postpaid subscribers. This service is not available for prepaid mobile phone users.

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