Skateboarding, sport climbing, BMX, 3×3 basketball are now Olympic sports – what should Singapore do?

Over 200 participants took the opportunity to discuss urban youth sports at the Youth Athlete Development Conference.

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How can Singapore keep late developing sport talents in our system? Bio-banding

We have all seen it before – two boys of the same age but one is much bigger than the other. Why? The rate of biological maturation – the two boys grow at different rates. The result? The early developer is usually chosen for the school team over the late developer.

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‘Things didn’t go my way and I received a PSLE T-score of 203″ – Sabrina Chau of Sports School, scorer of 45 points for IB

Sabrina Chau of Singapore Sports School went from a PSLE T-score of 203 to a perfect 45 points for her International Baccalaureate Diploma. She shares her story.

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Netball Singapore to give elite B and C Div student-athletes more play time

Through the M1 Zone Age Group Programme, Netball Singapore will choose 12 players from each zone for both the C (14 and Under) and B Division (17 and Under) after the end of the National Schools Championships.

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“If you would like to have more people in sports, you have to ask them what they like to do” – Dr. Johan Pion

The Flemish Sports Compass give you an accurate idea of what sports young children can excel in, said Dr. Johan Pion, the Head of Talent Identification and Development at the HAN University of Applied Sciences.

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Giving primary school children more chances to play sport

Earlier this year, a cluster of six primary schools – North Vista Primary School, Palm View Primary School, Rivervale Primary School, Rosyth School, Seng Kang Primary School, and Xinmin Primary School – came together to give such eager students a chance to play sports.

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