A photo of Wang Wenying taken by Clara Yuan of Red Sports uploaded onto without our permission.

Thursday, June 25, 2015 — A SEA Games photo of fencing athlete Wang Wenying taken by Clara Yuan of Red Sports was used without our permission on a website, The photo was used in an article on the website with the headline “13 Criminally Under-Publicized Singaporean SEA Games Athletes You Had No Idea Won Gold”. The author was listed as Sharmaine Yeo and was published on that website on June 18, 2015.

The photo taken by Yuan was part of an editorial about Wang Wenying that was first posted on Red Sports.

The offending website not only took the photo without permission, they also cropped out our watermark.

This is not the first time our photos have been used without our permission on that website.

An article on that website with the headline “18 Super Hot Singaporean SEA Games Athletes That Will Make You Reach For Water”, used our photo of athlete Muhammed Elfi Mustapa (see screenshot below). It was written by Crystal Ang and was published on June 4, 2015.

The website is owned by GUSHCLOUD, the company that was caught for unethical online practices when contracted by SingTel for a social media campaign.

They were caught plagiarizing by

The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore says the law requires that anyone needs to “contact the copyright owners directly for consent. This is needed because copyright in images include the right to make copies and to communicate them, such as when you upload them onto your website/blog. Doing so without the copyright owner’s permission will infringe his exclusive rights”.

We do not allow our photos to be used anywhere else to protect both our photographers’ rights, as well as the right of the subject not to have his or her image used in a way that they do not appreciate.

Please do not infringe on the intellectual property of our photographers.

Please do not steal our photos.

mustsharenews stealing photos

A Red Sports photo was used without permission on mustsharenewsDOTcom.