If you could decide, how would you allocate public funds for sports?

All budgets, no matter how generous, have their limits. If there are only funds for 10 athletes, the 11th will suffer the cut. If there are enough for 100, the 101st athlete feels the pain. Whose funding should you cut to give Joseph Schooling or Yip Pin Xiu more?

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Minister Grace Fu: “The Government has committed over $40m over five years starting from 2013 for spexScholarships”

Ms Grace Fu, the Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, gives an overview of the government's support for sports.

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Who actually decides how much Yip Pin Xiu and Joseph Schooling get in prize money?

The good people at Tote Board and Singapore Pools agreed to offer the prize money of S$1 million after the Singapore National Olympic Council came up with the idea.

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Red Sports photos used without permission twice on mustsharenews.com, website owned by Gushcloud

A photo of fencing athlete Wang Wenying taken by Clara Yuan of Red Sports was used without our permission on a website, mustsharenews.com. This is the second time in a month.

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