Helen Keller once said, “Life is either a great adventure or nothing.” This would probably resonate the most with the adventure racing community.

SAFRA AVventura™, the premier adventure race in Singapore, offers the draw of conquering the unknown with physical stamina and wits alone and exploring off-the-track areas of Singapore. Every year, the race ups the ante by making the route even more challenging and throwing in obstacles for racers to surmount.

While competition is intense and the pressure mounts as every second ticks away, there are moments of levity as well. Part of the appeal of SAFRA AVventura™, beyond the bragging rights of conquering one of the toughest races in Singapore, is attempting different segments of the race that give respite from the punishing pace.

We present to you some of the lighter moments from past editions of SAFRA AVventura™.


2010 safra avventura

You jump, I jump. Racers had to, well, race through part of the infamous Standard Obstacle Course. (Photo 1 courtesy of SAFRA)

safra avventura

So this is what the light at the end of the tunnel looks like. Part of the obstacle challenges was to crawl through a dark (and probably smelly) tunnel. (Photo 2 courtesy of SAFRA)


safra avventura

My body is getting ‘tyre-d’. Racers preparing for the next part of the race, which is to … (Photo 3 courtesy of SAFRA)

safra avventura

… paddle 400 meters with your backside stuck in a rubber ‘floating mechanism’. Don’t our invisible boats look swanky? (Photo 4 courtesy of SAFRA)


safra avventura

Wheeeeee! More thrills and spills were in store for racers as they slid their way to victory. (Photo 5 courtesy of SAFRA)

safra avventura

SAFRA AVventura™ is a thoroughly hands-on experience. ?Participants had to wheelbarrow down the canal at Nee Soon Road. (Photo 6 courtesy of SAFRA)


SAFRA AVventura

You are supposed to go under the string. Dive in!?Racers got down and dirty in a mud crawl. (Photo 7 courtesy of SAFRA)

safra avventura

Nope, it is certainly not the Loch Ness Monster visiting Singapore. ?Keeping their spirits afloat amidst a water crossing. (Photo 8 courtesy of SAFRA)

safra avventura

Eyes on the prize. In a test of their balance, racers had to reach for cones while staying on their bikes. (Photo 9 courtesy of SAFRA)

safra avventura

That’s going to leave a mark in the morning. ?Putting your body on the line is the highest form of teamwork. (Photo 10 courtesy of SAFRA)

The next edition of SAFRA AVventura™ will be held on Sunday, 11 January 2015 and registration will be closing at the end of this month. If you are yearning for a fun-filled challenge, this might be the race for you.

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