By Sasha Christian/Red Sports

Ferdous, a student of Temasek Polytechnic, will be going for his first SEA Games this December in Myanmar. (Photo © Sasha Christian/Red Sports)

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Sheik Ferdous bin Sheik Alau’ddin, 17, will be representing Singapore in Silat at the upcoming 2013 South-east Asian (SEA) Games.

We caught up with Ferdous in the lead-up to his first SEA Games.

Red Sports: What challenges have you faced heading into the SEA Games?
Ferdous: Injuries, school workload, test week when I’m at SEA Games, and balancing school and sports.

What do you hope to gain from this SEA Games?
Ferdous: I hope to gain invaluable experience as well as a gold medal. If not, a medal will do.

What is your training like in the lead-up to the SEA Games?
Ferdous: It intensifies and the duration gets longer.

Who is your role model?
Ferdous: I don’t really have a role model. I prefer to be a role model for myself.

When and how did you get started in your sport?
Ferdous: At the age of 7 is when I started competing. My dad is a world champion and a SEA Games champion so I got into it through him.

Which school(s) did you represent?
Ferdous: Singapore Sports School.

What was your best school sport memory?
Ferdous: I won two gold and one bronze in the nationals.

What is your favourite food?
Ferdous: I love food. But I’ll have to go with fried kway teow with cockles!

If you did not take up silat, what other sport would you do?
Ferdous: Definitely soccer!

Any pre-match or pre-event rituals?
Ferdous: I drink Red Bull before any event. And I watch what I eat.

What is your biggest motivation?
Ferdous: One of my seniors, Zulfakar Ramli, who won a gold medal in the SEA Games at the age of 17 fighting men older than him. It really made me feel that it’s possible for me to win a gold medal.

Sheik Ferdous Bio
Age: 17
Date of Birth:March 8, 1996
Height: 178cm
Catgory Competing In: Match and Artistic Doubles
Significant Achievements: 4th and 6th in World Championship – Doubles and Team
Current Occupation: Student

All of us at Red Sports wish Ferdous all the best at the 2013 SEA Games! Do drop Ferdous a note of support in the comments section if you can. We’re sure he’ll appreciate it. You can also upload photos showing your support of Ferdous on Instagram using #ourteamsg, or on the Team Singapore campaign’s website: