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rock on 2010

A participant putting his climbing skills to the test in the Youth Male (Difficulty) category at Rock On 2010. (Photo 1 courtesy of SASC)

SAFRA Yishun, Sunday, November 14, 2010 —6.71 seconds. That was the time taken to climb the 15-metre outdoor rock wall at SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre (SASC). This incredible feat was the winning performance by Galar Pandu Asmoro at Rock On 2010.

Rock On, the only high wall competition in Singapore that is opened to the public, received overwhelming response from the climbing fraternity. This year’s event attracted some 364 enthusiastic sport climbers who scaled the challenging routes of the SAFRA Adventure Sports Centre (SASC) walls to compete for top spots in the Difficulty and Speed categories.

The figure is an increase from year 2009, which recorded 207 participants. The youth participation rate for climbers aged 14 to 19 years old also saw an increase from 148 in 2009 to 196.

With sport climbing being a medal sport in the Southeast Asian (SEA) Games 2011, Rock On has become a good platform for Singapore and overseas sport climbers to test their climbing skills as part of their preparations. National climber, Muhd Hafiz Bin Latiff clinched top spot in the Youth ‘A’ Male (Difficulty Category).

17-year-old Muhd Hafiz, who has been climbing since he was twelve, said: “I have been actively participating in competitions held both locally as well as overseas since I was 13 years old. Winning today’s competition further motivates me to train more, so that I can be selected to represent Singapore for the upcoming SEA Games. In addition to staying fit and healthy, sport climbing has help me in my personal and character development as a youth. I get to meet coaches and friends who would give me good advice.”

For the Men’s Open Difficulty Category, 31-year-old Jay Koh, an NSman and a national sport climber, came in first position. Having been into sports climbing for 12 years, Koh was also the Chief Route Setter for the recent SIM Bouldering Championship 2010. He commended Rock On and highlighted that sport climbing is also good way to keep fit especially for NSman who are not into ball games or running. Jay added: “As an NSman, it is important to maintain fitness and stay healthy, and I keep fit through sport climbing.”

An enthusiastic sport climber and the comeback winner of Rock On 2009, Janice Ng Li, clinched top spots for both the Youth ‘A’ Female Difficulty and Speed Category Awards for the Youth ‘A’ Female events.

rock on 2010

Jay Koh (far right) was the winner of the Men’s Open (Difficulty) with Guest-In-Attendance COL (VOL) William Chua, Chairman of the SAFRA Yishun Executive Committee and other winners of the category. (Photo 2 courtesy of SASC)

rock on 2010

Janice Ng Li, winner of the Youth ‘A’ Female (Difficulty), with Michael Tang, Member of the SAFRA Yishun Executive Committee and other winners of the category. (Photo 3 courtesy of SASC)

rock on 2010

Muhd Hafiz Bin Latiff (far right), winner of the Youth ‘A’ Male (Difficulty) and other winners of the category. (Photo 4 courtesy of SASC)