By Sasha Christian/Red Sports


Fahrudin, who took up wakeboarding just 3 years ago, is currently the top cable rider in Singapore. (Photo 1 © Sasha Christian/Red Sports)

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Ski 360, East Coast Park, Sunday, October 20, 2013 – Singapore’s top cable wakeboard rider, Fahkrudin Bin Mohd Yasin, will be taking part in the first-ever Throwdown Obstacle Jam held this weekend.

25-year-old Fahkrudin, known to friends and family as Din, is a busy man. Currently a Year Three student in Temasek Polytechnic, he juggles his time between school and work. During weekdays, he shuffles between classes and his job at Amped Trampoline Park. On weekends, you’ll find him working and training at the Ski 360 cable park. Despite his hectic school and two part-time jobs, Din still finds the time to dominate the scene and be Singapore’s top Cable rider.

Din was introduced to the Cable Park back in 2007 when one of his friends started his internship there. During the times Din went down to visit his friend, he fell in love with the place. Shortly after, he started working there as well so that he could ride more often.

His first three years were spent on wakeskate but in 2010 Din started wakeboarding and he got addicted to the adrenaline rush every time he attempted a big air trick. By 2012, Din proved to be one of the top cable riders in the country and was chosen by Singapore Waterski and Wakeboard Federation (SWWF) to represent the country at the first IWWF Cable Wakeboard World Championships.

“Going to the World Championships let me know where I stood in the world placing and I got a chance to meet and ride with my wakeboard idols,” said Din.

Early this year, Din pulled off a flawless run during the Nationals to emerge top in the country. As the winner of the Nationals, he was invited to compete in an invitation-only Cable Wakeboard event held in Beijing, China.

“I was at the Great Wall of China and started thinking: ‘It took the Chinese years and years to build the wall just to protect the country and now the wall is long enough to see from outer space.’ I’m going to protect my dream and one day it’ll be big enough for the world to see it.

“To be the top wakeboarder in Singapore means a lot to me but it also gives me the desire to keep progressing. I want to showcase my skills on the international platform.”

This weekend, Din will have his chance to perform at the Throwdown Obstacle Jam. Hosted by, this competition format will allow wakeboarders to perform their best trick on each obstacle in the given seven minutes. The overall placement will be determined by the average ranking of all the obstacles by each rider. The competition will see a great number of local and overseas riders, including world-renowned wakeboarder, Daniel Grant.

As there are few cable competitions in Singapore each year, they are much appreciated by the local wakeboard community. Neesa Rahmat, one of our top female cable riders, said: “These events are a platform to learn and improve ourselves from previous competition. We need more of them to grow talent in the wakeboarding scene. With competitions, passionate riders are able to measure their capabilities and improve themselves further.”

The Throwdown Obstacle Jam will be held at Ski 360, East Coast Park, on October 26, starting at 12pm.