By Erwin Wong/Red Sports

Youth Olympic pentathlon

Valerie Lim of Singapore competes during the Mixed Relay. (Photo © XINHUA/SYOGOC-Pool/Liu Jie)

Singapore Sports School, Tuesday, August 24, 2010 — Valerie Lim of Singapore teamed up with Yuriy Fedechko of Ukraine to finish seventh in the Modern Pentathlon Mixed Relay at the Youth Olympic Games. They scored a total of 4460 points.

The pair’s best showing was in the combined running and shooting segment where they finished second out of 24 teams in contention.

Valerie’s time in that section was 8 minutes 8.75 seconds, eighth fastest among the girls, and together with Fedechko’s second overall quickest time of 7:04.79, they earned 2428 points.

Valerie and Fedechko were eighth best in the 200 metres Freestyle. Valerie swam half that distance in 1:07.37 while the latter completed in 56.87 seconds to earn themselves 1312 points.

The pair’s stumbling block was the fencing discipline. Valerie was last in the field with 11 victories, and together with her Ukraine partner’s 25 wins, they scored 720 points for this portion.

The team of Anastasiya Spas (Ukraine) and Ilya Shugarov (Russia) took the gold with a combined score of 4638.

Valerie had finished 18th in the individual girls’ competition, while Fedechko was 12th in the boys’.