A Div 1500m (Girls): Arissa wins gold as Hwa Chong sweep podium

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Story and photos by Stefanus Ian/Red Sports

HCI's Arissa Rashid (#241) finished ahead of her teammate Vera Wah (#270) in the National A Division Girls 1500m race with a time of 05:13.12. (Photo © Stefanus Ian)

HCI’s Arissa Rashid (#241) finished ahead of her teammate Vera Wah (#270) in the National A Division Girls 1500m race with a time of 05:13.12. (Photo 1 © Stefanus Ian)

Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Monday, April 9, 2018 — With about 500 metres of the race to go, Hwa Chong Institution’s Vera Wah (#270) made her move and overtook Raffles Institution’s Toh Ting Xuan (#134), who has been leading from the start.

“I think I just saw that the last 500m I was still quite comfortable, so I just decided to go for it,” said Vera, who expected Ting Xuan to gave chase.

“I could feel someone was behind me so I thought it was Ting Xuan, then, when I turned it was Arissa so like we just went (all the way)… yeah (I was happy) because (she is from the) same team so like ‘Yes!’,” added the 17-year-old with a laugh.

With the two of them breaking away from the pack, it was eventually Arissa Rashid (#241) who came in first, stopping the clock at 05:13.12s. Their teammate Joyceleen Yap then completed the sweep when she crossed the line 0.08 seconds before Singapore Sports School’s Addeen Idzni (#32).

Arissa and Vera said that the plan going into the race was to keep pace with RI’s Ting Xuan, who won the A Division 3000m race on April 5, and to hang back before waiting for the right time to strike.

“After seeing Ting Xuan’s 3000 (race), we knew that her pace is very consistent and very fast so we were just trying to follow and make sure that the gap is not too big and just hang on,” said Arissa.

“And then last round if we feel good then just whack.”

Arissa eventually crossed the finish line first to win the 1500m title.

Behind the two, Joyceleen Yap was also making her move against Addeen in the final stretch.

“I think she overtook me in the last 800 (metres), she was just in front and I tried to stay with her, until the last 80 metres, then I decided to sprint and dip,” said Joyceleen.

Even then, the 18-year-old still did not know that she had won bronze and completed the sweep for HCI.

When asked when she knew that she had won third place, Joyceleen candidly replied: “When I get up at the podium.”

“I didn’t even know, I just went down to the call room and then they told me I was third,” added Joyceleen.

“I was very happy definitely, we (came in) first, second… and we swept the podium so I was happy.”

A Div Girls’ 1500m results
Arissa Rashid (#241, Hwa Chong Institution) — 05:13.12
Vera Wah Yi Rei (#270, Hwa Chong Institution) — 05:13.89
Joyceleen Yap Yin Xiu (#253, Hwa Chong Institution) — 05:17.73
Addeen Idzni Bte Imran (#32, Singapore Sports School) — 05:17.81
Toh Ting Xuan (#134, Raffles Institution) — 05:18.24
Wong Si Min Levyn (#173, Dunman High School) — 05:27.14
Chua Hsi-ern Caylee (#212, Anglo-Chinese Junior College) — 05:32.00
Wong Wai Lin Amanda (#203, Victoria Junior College) — 05:41.70

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  1. Arissa Rashid April 11, 2018 at 6:58 pm - Reply

    Hi, just to clarify but Alexandra Louise Wee from VJC won the A division girls 1500m in 2017!

    • Stefanus Ian April 11, 2018 at 11:22 pm - Reply

      Hi Arissa, sorry about that we’ve rectified the story accordingly!

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