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Giselle Diana Enlund (#228) of Cedar Girls' Secondary finishing strong during the 1500m C Division Girls finals. (Photo 1 © Stefanus Ian/Red Sports)

Giselle Diana Enlund (#228) of Cedar Girls’ Secondary finishing strong during the 1500m C Division Girls finals to win gold with a time of 05:26.04. (Photo 1 © Stefanus Ian/Red Sports)

Choa Chu Kang Stadium, Monday, April 9, 2018 — After tasting silver at the National Schools Cross Country Championships just three weeks ago, Giselle Dianna Enlund fought hard to do one better and clinched her first gold in the 1500m C Division girls’ event.

The 12-year-old, who clocked in at 05:26.04s, said she felt she had a “good chance” coming into the race. But the victory did not come easily for Giselle, who lost her lead in the final lap after being in front of the pack from the start.

Going into the final lap, Giselle’s teammate, Amanda Chun (#218), made her move to take the lead and break away.

When asked whether she herself was biding time before making her move, Giselle said: “It was actually quite unplanned, (Amanda) actually got faster timing than me in the heats, but I just kept going.”

“When I am in the race, I don’t really think, it’s just sort of instinct, so I just pushed more but without totally wearing myself out,” added Giselle, who was also the national top scorer in last year’s National Primary Schools Football Championships.

Giselle finally picked up her pace and took back the lead towards the second half of the final lap. But this time, she had to fend off Janelle Lum (#84) of Singapore Sports School.

“At the last part of the race I just swung my arms really hard,” said Giselle, who eventually crossed the line just ahead of Janelle with a lead of 0.79 seconds.

“Around 200 metres mark, I just sprinted all the way… at the 100 metres mark, I just pushed my body past its limits,” added Giselle.

In the C Division boys’ 1500m race, Lim Wei Feng of Nan Hua High School clinched the gold medal in 4:42.04s.

C Division Girls’ 1500m Results
1st Giselle Dianna Enlund (#228, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School) — 05:26.04
2nd Lum Wai Yan, Janelle (#84, Singapore Sports School) — 05:26.83
3rd Amanda Chun (#219, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School) — 05:28.89
4th Naomi Ng Hui (#203, Raffles Girls’ School) — 05:29.24
5th Alyssa Yeong Xin Yi (#62, North Vista Secondary School) — 05:35.34
6th Elysia Cheong (#390, Nanyang Girls’ High School) — 05:36.08
7th Chiang Li Fen Julia (#222, Cedar Girls’ Secondary School) — 05:38.87
8th Brina Goh Yu Yun (#274, Dunman High Secondary School) — 05:42.73

C Division Boys’ 1500m Results
1st Lim Wei Feng (#486, Nan Hua High School) — 04:42.04
2nd Shan s/o S Anandan (#108, Singapore Sports School) — 04:42.80
3rd Lim Jin Tao (#491, NUS High School) — 04:45.66
4th Raam Kumar Muthukumaran (#106, Singapore Sports School) — 04:46.94
5th Ku Zi Ming (#267, St Joseph’s Institution) — 04:48.77
6th Mohammad Shaariq Anshad (#269, St Joseph’s Institution) — 04:50.01
7th Yu Zhenning (#474, Hwa Chong Institution) — 04:50.32
8th Low Jit Yong Ernest (#453, Hwa Chong Institution) — 04:52.47

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