By Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports

A Division Girls' Javelin

Genis Phoa (#182) of Hwa Chong Institution in action. She clinched the gold medal with a throw distance of 38.77m. (Photo 1 © Lim Yong Teck/Red Sports)

Bukit Gombak Stadium, Monday, April 13, 2015 — Hwa Chong Institution’s (HCI) Genis Phoa (#182) registered a throw distance of 38.77 metres with her fifth attempt to top the A Division girls’ javelin field at the 56th National Inter-School Track and Field Championships.

The HCI student, who won the title with a 36.42m effort last year, recorded her third straight javelin title, including the B Division girls’ title in 2013.

Her finish is a new personal best and it is the furthest throw by a local female athlete this year.

“It’s a relief that I managed to hit the distance, but I was actually expecting to do better,” said Phoa (#182).

“I wanted to hit at least 40m. I’m slightly disappointed also, because I’m recovering from some injuries.” Phoa (#182) was also recovering from a bout of food poisoning which she sustained over the past weekend.

Lynn Teoh (#139), last year’s B Division girls’ champion and record holder for the 500g javelin, finished in second place with a throw distance of 34.15m. Teammate Charlotte Chua (#117) finished third with a throw distance of 30.04m.

Including Phoa (#182), the three girls were the only athletes in the field to register throws of at least 30m.

The A Division girls’ javelin record stands at 41.82m, and it was set by HCI alumna Tan Xin Yin in 2008.

A Division Girls’ Javelin Results
1st: Genis Phoa Jie (#182, Hwa Chong Institution) – 38.77m
2nd: Teoh Hui Wen, Lynn (#139, Victoria Junior College) – 34.15m
3rd: Charlotte Chua Shimin (#117, Victoria Junior College) – 30.04m
4th: Tan Sze En, Faith (#203, Hwa Chong Institution) – 26.89m
5th: Jasmine Chua Xianhui [#29, Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)] – 22.69m
6th: Zhao Xin Chen, Jane (#208, Hwa Chong Institution) – 22.00m
7th: Yuen Jing Wen (#142, Victoria Junior College) – 21.33m

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