Story by REDintern Lynn Chia. Photos by Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports

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Amanda (NYJC GS) successfully catches the rebound. (Photo 1 © Rebekah Abbott/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic, Tuesday,April 22, 2014 — Raffles Institution got off to a winning start by defeating Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) 59–18 in the National A Division Netball Championship.

NYJC took an early lead with their fast, short passes but their lead was short-lived as RI fought back to even the score and pull away to lead 14–7 at the end of the first quarter.

However, the finesse and speed of RI proved too much for NYJC. Added to the unerring accuracy of their Goal Shooter, RI had a commanding 30–12 lead by half time.

However, the defense put up by NYJC improved in the third quarter, with the Goal Defender intercepting most of the passes and passing the ball down the court. NYJC kept up spirited attempts to attack and close the score margin.

The potent passing among the RI C, WA and GS saw them outscore NYJC 29–6 in the last two quarters as RI wrapped up a 59–18 win.

RI vice-captain Charmaine Malini said, “I think we could tidy up on a few areas, namely the passes and intercepts. We played quite well as a team since the players came from different schools and play different positions. There was a period where adjustment was rather challenging but it’s all good now. Further improvements could be made and we definitely hope to do better in the next game.”

Score by Quarter
1st Q: 14–7
2nd Q: 16–5 (30–12)
3rd Q: 15–5 (45–17)
4th Q: 14–1
Final Score: 59–18

RJC Roster
Richelle Er, Tessa Wong, Merissa Poh, Tang Jei Min, Ng Shi Ying, Rukmini Roy, Yvonne Goh, Isabella Khoo, Tan Jia Jia Amelia, Peck Hsiao Wei, Yu Zheng Yi, Geraldyn Leong

NYJC Roster
Amanda, Jamie, Jeslyn, Ricia, Wne Jing, Yi Ping, Pei Yi, Rachel, Song En, Jasmine, Gui Xin, Sarah

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