vjc vs tjc a div football

Muhammad Deferdauz bin Noordin (#7) of VJC scoring the fourth and final goal for VJC in their 4–0 win over TJC. (Photo © Les Tan/Red Sports)


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Victoria Junior College, Monday, April 29, 2013 – Victoria Junior College (VJC) maintained their unbeaten record when they beat Temasek Junior College (TJC) 4–0 in Round 2 of the National A Division Boys’ Football Championship.

VJC finished Round 1 as the highest scoring team with 24 goals after winning all their five games. 10 of those goals came from one match alone when they walloped National Junior College 10–0.

With VJC dominating possession and TJC struggling to string together passes, it was a game played mostly in the TJC half. With better finishing, VJC could have easily double the score.

Goals by Dominic Ho (#19) and Zachary Delf (#6) gave VJC a 2–0 lead at half time. VJC struggled to break down the TJC defense in the second half and their final two goals by Muhammad Firdaus bin Asri (#3) and Muhammad Deferdauz bin Noordin (#7) only came about after they resorted to taking long range shots from outside the penalty box to find the back of the net.

“Round one was a good start to the season, as we managed to win all our games and play our football. Some results didn’t come easy, but we managed to show fighting spirit and persevere,” said VJC captain, Horatio Ho.

“The highlight for the team personally would be the 4-1 win over AJC as both teams were vying for top spot and it was a must-win game, and we managed to fight hard and get the result that we wanted,” added Horatio.

Zachary Delf, who used to play for the Singapore Sports School, stood out with his all-round ability. He was calm on the ball and had the close control, pace and power to run the midfield effectively.

Final Score

Dominic Ho (#19) – 1 goal
Zachary Delf (#6) – 1 goal
Muhammad Firdaus bin Asri (#3) – 1 goal
Muhammad Deferdauz bin Noordin (#7) – 1 goal

VJC Roster
Toh Jun Ze Clarence (#1), Zubair Abdullah Bin Mazeli (#2), Muhammad Firdaus bin Asri (#3), Lim Jun Quan (#4), Pritesh P Kamani (#5), Delf Zachary James (#6), Muhammad Deferdauz bin Noordin (#7), Wee Cheng Hao Ryan (#8), Nicholas Yong Chung Wai (#9), Muhammad Ammar bin Mohamad Fazali (#10), Rohit Kumar Singh (#11), Koh Jin Kai (#12), Horatio James Ho (13), Ryuju Osamura (#14), Bradley Gan (#15), Leow Hong Wei Clarence (#16), Aw Wen Hao (#17), Nicholas Low (#18), Dominic Ho Wee Keong (#19), Yeoh Lai Hsin (#20)

TJC Roster
Kevin Kim (#1), Nicholas Thong (#2), Enoch Loy (#3), Galen Ng (#4), Ashwin Kumar Menon (#5), Daryl Leong (#6), Timothy Tan (#7), Jun Hui Ho (#8), Jing Ren Tan (#9), Aaron Liau (#10), Koh Meng Shuen (#11), Nikki Yong (#12), Reika Putra (#13), Henry Lai (#14), Jing Hong Lim (#15), Cedric Tan (#16), Jordan Chen (#17), Yong Zuo Goh (#18), Pan Zai Xiang (#19), Liu Ming Hao (#20), Yuen Deng Cheng (#21), Sazqil (#22), Jowie Tung (#23), Kenzi Foo (#24)

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