C-Girls 300m (Pri): Nan Hua’s Courtney Lim wins gold with 48.99s

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Courtney Lim (centre) in the lead. Chng Jia Yan (left) eventually finished fourth while Ruth Kang (right) was third. (Photo 1 © Lai Jun Wei/Red Sports)

Bishan Stadium, Thursday, April 13, 2012 — Courtney Lim of Nan Hua Primary took gold in the C-Girls’ 300m race with a timing of 48.99 seconds at the 53rd National Inter-Primary School Track and Field Championships.

Alexis Tang from CHIJ Katong Primary finished in second with a time of 49.54 while Ruth Kang was third with a time of 50.00.

Chng Jia Yan of Greenwood Primary finished in fourth place with a time of 50.3.

1. Lim Wei Yin, Courtney Mae (Nan Hua Pri) — 48.99s
2. Alexis Tang Shi Qi (CHIJ Katong Primary) — 49.54s
3. Kang Yunru Ruth (Nanyang) — 50.00s
4. Chng Jia Yan (Greenwood) — 50.30s
5. Tang Shannon (Fairfield Methodist) — 50.68s
6. Joan Wong Chak Jin (Pei Hwa Presbyterian) — 50.76s
7. Lee Mei Wan Julia (Nanyang) — 52.78s
8. Ines Wen Ting Michaud (Nan Hua) — 52.89s

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