Story by Colin Tung/Red Sports. Photos contributed by Farhanah Ghaffar

Writer’s note: the story and the Men’s Championship standings below have been updated to reflect the results of the men’s javelin final, which were only released on Monday, 30th January

IVP Day 1

Muhammad Shah Feroz of NTU emerging from the water-jump during the men’s 3,000m steeplechase. He is the first Singaporean man in years to go sub-10 minutes in the event. (Photo 1 © Farhanah Ghaffar)

ITE Simei, Saturday, January 28, 2012 — The men’s pole vault record was broken on the first of two days of the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Track and Field Championships. Singapore Management University (SMU)’s Dominic Chan vaulted a height of 4.31m to inch past the previous record of 4.30m set by Solomon Tan in 2006.

Dominic’s effort was the only IVP record set on the day.

Nanyang Technological University (NTU)’s Muhammad Shah Feroz came close to rewriting a second record on the day when he clocked 9 minutes 59.68 seconds to win the men’s 3,000m steeplechase.

Feroz’s time was just over two seconds from N Ganesan’s record of 9:57.60 set in 1993.

While missing out on the record, Feroz became the first Singaporean man to dip under 10 minutes for the 3,000m steeplechase in recent memory. A check by our resident statsman, Erwin Wong, yielded G Elangovan’s (incidentally Feroz’s coach) 9:34.55 in 2001 at the Pahang Open as the last time a Singaporean went sub-10 in the event.

Feroz said: “I know it’s the fastest time in many years as I have been taking part in the 3,000m steeplechase since I was in my first year of polytechnic (2001-2002). But I’m not that proud of the timing when I compare myself to the old-time runners like M Maran (3,000m steeplechase national record holder) and Elangovan.”

When asked how he felt having found out he came so close to the IVP record, the 28-year-old trainee teacher said: “I was quite surprised and a little annoyed. I had assumed the record would be in the 9:40s so I didn’t aim for it. I just wanted to achieve my target of sub-10.”

A standout performer on the day was Dipna Lim Prasad of NTU. The women’s 100m hurdles national record holder won both the women’s 100m and the women’s 100m hurdles events, the latter in a time just 0.12sec shy of Ranjit Kaur’s 1985 IVP record.

Dipna’s twin victories contributed to the NTU women’s four event victories (with the other two coming from the 800m and the triple jump) — the highest of any team. Those four event victories — each worth nine points — were, however, not enough to give the NTU women the Championship lead after the first day of competition.

The National University of Singapore (NUS) women, on 65 points, lead by a solitary point over their counterparts in NTU. Sitting in third position heading into the second day of competition next Saturday, 4th February, are Nanyang Polytechnic with 40 points.

The men’s Championship also sees NUS in the lead with 93 points. NTU are close behind with 89 points while SMU are currently third on 53 points.

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Championship Standings (Day 1)

1. National University of Singapore — 93 points
2. Nanyang Technological University — 89
3. Singapore Management University — 53
4. Singapore Institute of Management — 27
5. Nanyang Polytechnic — 27
6. Singapore Polytechnic — 24
7. Temasek Polytechnic — 20
8. Republic Polytechnic — 15
9. Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 12
10. Institute of Technical Education — 9

1. National University of Singapore — 65 points
2. Nanyang Technological University — 64
3. Nanyang Polytechnic — 40
4. Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 25
5. Singapore Management University — 20
6. Temasek Polytechnic — 17
7. Republic Polytechnic — 11
8. Institute of Technical Education — 8
9. Singapore Polytechnic — 6
10. Singapore Institute of Management — 3

Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Track and Field Championships Day 1 Results (top-eight and finals only)

Men’s 100m Final
IVP Record: 10.50sec by R Muthukumaran, Nanyang Polytechnic (2005)

1. Gary Yeo, Singapore Management University — 10.60sec
2. Calvin Kang, Nanyang Technological University — 10.91sec
3. Joseph Yuan, Nanyang Technological University — 11.04sec
4. Khairyll Amri Bin Tumadi, Temasek Polytechnic — 11.08sec
5. Goh Eng Wei, National University of Singapore — 11.13sec
6. Pang Yao Yi, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 11.36sec
7. Diwakar Plavenderraj, Temasek Polytechnic — 11.48sec
8. Thiruselvan, National University of Singapore — 11.74sec

Women’s 100m Final
IVP Record: 12.33sec by Amanda Choo Sze Min, Nanyang Technological University (2007)

1. Dipna Lim Prasad, Nanyang Technological University — 12.91sec
2. Habibah Najihahbi Bte Ahmad, Republic Polytechnic — 13.15sec
3. Fiona Ng Yee Lin, National University of Singapore — 13.15sec
4. Kayla Lau Mei Xian, Temasek Polytechnic — 13.42sec
5. Rosliyana Bte Mohd, Nanyang Polytechnic — 13.59sec
6. Amanda Lee Ya Yu, Temasek Polytechnic — 13.64sec
7. Cheryl Lie Jia Ling, National University of Singapore — 14.13sec
8. Shahirah Md Rizal, Institute of Technical Education — 14.14sec

Men’s 110m Hurdles Final
IVP Record: 14.86sec by Abdul Hakeem Abdul Halim, National University of Singapore (2008)

1. Sharman Dustageer, National University of Singapore — 15.70sec
2. Clarence Yeoh Fu Shien, National University of Singapore — 15.94sec
3. Huang Tengchuan, Singapore Management University — 16.44sec
4. Chor Zhi Yuan, Singapore Management University — 16.67sec
5. Teh Jing Long, Temasek Polytechnic — 17.79sec
6. Daryl Lee Yi Rong, Nanyang Polytechnic — 19.11sec
7. Phua Jun Wei, Singapore Polytechnic — 19.56sec
8. Chua Han Qing, Singapore Polytechnic — 20.80sec

Women’s 100m Hurdles Final
IVP Record: 15.20sec by Ranjit Kaur, National University of Singapore (1985)

1. Dipna Lim Prasad, Nanyang Technological University — 15.32sec
2. Fiona Ng Yee Lin, National University of Singapore — 16.63sec
3. Vania Lim, Singapore Management University — 17.28sec
4. Cheryl Lie Jia Ling, National University of Singapore — 17.36sec
5. Tiffany Ann Chow, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 18.41sec
6. Brenda Ter Wei Ting, Singapore Institute of Management — 18.47sec
7. Camellia Goh Kai Lyn, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 19.40sec
8. Daphne Saw Zi Wei, Nanyang Polytechnic — 22.93sec

Men’s 400m Final
IVP Record: 48.11sec by Khoo Kian Seong Kenneth, Nanyang Technological University (2008)

1. Muhammad Zaki Bin Sapari, Republic Polytechnic — 52.13sec
2. Mohd Zuhair S/O Hamed, Institute of Technical Education — 52.48sec
3. Md Ameer Bin Rahman, Singapore Polytechnic — 53.30sec
4. Kurt Lloyd Babet, National University of Singapore — 53.46sec
5. Jovian Wong Chun Foong, National University of Singapore — 54.09sec
6. Quek Gian Seng, Nanyang Technological University — 54.21sec
7. Gabriel Boey Jun Jie, Singapore Institute of Management — 56.07sec
8. Toh Wee Hong, Nanyang Technological University — 57.09sec

Women’s 400m Final
IVP Record: 1 minute 00.26 seconds by Nikita Sharda, Nanyang Technological University (2010)

1. Divyashree D/O C. Balakrishna, Temasek Polytechnic — 1:02.39
2. Gina Lau Wan Qi, Nanyang Polytechnic — 1:02.91
3. Valerie Seema Pereira, Nanyang Technological University — 1:03.37
4. Goh Chui Ling, National University of Singapore — 1:03.47
5. Natalie Lee Mei Ying, Republic Polytechnic — 1:09.84
6. Ng Shi Mei, Nanyang Polytechnic — 1:12.35
7. See Li Hui, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 1:13.91
8. Shalom Danielle See, Nanyang Technological University — 1:18.77

Men’s 800m Final
IVP Record: 1 minute 55.20 seconds by A Saravanan Pillai, Nanyang Technological University (1995)

1. Madankumar Balakrishnan, National University of Singapore — 2:02.74
2. Adriel Tay You Wei, National University of Singapore — 2:03.45
3. T. Haarishankar, Republic Polytechnic — 2:08.60
4. Sng Cheng Wei, Nanyang Technological University — 2:11.72
5. Jivaandrran Pillay, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 2:13.49
6. Samuel Goh, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 2:14.50
7. Kek Jun Xian, Nanyang Polytechnic — 2:16.24
8. Teo Yang, Singapore Polytechnic — 2:16.26

Women’s 800m Final
IVP Record: 2 minutes 19.50 seconds by Cheong Tsui Fong, Nanyang Technological University (1992)

1. Yvonne Lin, Nanyang Technological University — 2:28.84
2. Look Xin Qi, National University of Singapore — 2:29.47
3. Ng Yu Jun, Nanyang Technological University — 2:34.68
4. Yvonne Khoo Yi Zhen, Nanyang Polytechnic — 2:40.28
5. Liaw Jiayi, Singapore Management University — 2:45.98
6. Jolynn Ng Qiao Feng, Singapore Polytechnic — 2:47.08
7. Cheng Si Jia, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 2:47.48
8. Lee E-Main, National University of Singapore — 2:49.81

Men’s 3,000m Steeplechase
IVP Record: 9 minutes 57.60 seconds by N Ganesan, Ngee Ann Polytechnic (1993)

1. Muhammad Shah Feroz, Nanyang Technological University — 9:59.68
2. Colin Tung, Nanyang Technological University — 10:27.44
3. Koh Kai Ming, National University of Singapore — 10:40.84
4. Amritpal Singh Sidhu, Singapore Management University — 10:56.17
5. Norman Lim Fang Xuan, National University of Singapore — 11:05.50
6. Chua You Boon, Singapore Institute of Management — 11:21.94
7. Desmond Ang, Singapore Management University — 11:40.29
8. Aravindhan S/O Sivaganandam, Nanyang Polytechnic — 11:50.82

Men’s 10,000m Final
IVP Record: 33 minutes 12.85 seconds by Mok Ying Ren, National University of Singapore (2010)

1. Gabriel Soo Jian Zhong, Nanyang Polytechnic — 36:59.45
2. Joshua Goh Hui Mun, Nanyang Technological University — 37:11.33
3. Justin Mathew Sim, National University of Singapore — 37:13.12
4. Eugene See Jie Jun, National University of Singapore — 38:03.15
5. Hafiz Bin Hamdan, Temasek Polytechnic — 38:13.78
6. Lim Wei Kiat, Nanyang Technological University — 38:40.90
7. Muhammad Nashiruddin, Nanyang Polytechnic — 38:43.66
8. Lionel Li, Singapore Institute of Management — 40:49.50

Men’s Triple Jump
IVP Record: 15.15m by Lai Yong Hui, National University of Singapore (2009)

1. Lai Yong Hui, National University of Singapore — 14.35m
2. Li Chun Xiao, Nanyang Technological University — 13.88m
3. Senthil Kumeren, Singapore Management University — 13.18m
4. Daryl Tan, National University of Singapore — 12.86m
5. Daniel Chan Teck Kian, Singapore Polytechnic — 12.54m
6. Daryl Yap Junjie, Singapore Institute of Management — 12.52m
7. Chooi Jing Yen, Singapore Management University — 12.37m
8. David Christopher Pang, Nanyang Polytechnic — 12.24m

Women’s Triple Jump
IVP Record: 11.48m by Wong Kit Fei, National University of Singapore (2009)

1. Nurul Jannah, Nanyang Technological University — 11.07m
2. Celeste Yeo, National University of Singapore — 10.93m
3. Lim Wen Rui, Nanyang Technological University — 10.62m
4. Gina Lau Wan Qi, Nanyang Polytechnic — 10.33m
5. Lim Yan Rui, National University of Singapore — 10.13m
6. Chong Yi Mei, Singapore Management University — 9.95m
7. Tiffany Ann Chow, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 9.88m
8. Lee Yan Fen, Singapore Management University — 9.21m

Men’s Pole Vault
IVP Record: 4.30m by Solomon Tan Jun Zhang, Nanyang Technological University (2006)

1. Dominic Chan, Singapore Management University — 4.31m (New IVP Record)
2. Yong Seng Kiak, Nanyang Technological University — 3.80m
3. Freddie Tay, Nanyang Technological University — 3.80m
4. James Ting, Singapore Management University — 3.80m
5. Clarence Yeoh Fu Shien, National University of Singapore — 3.40m
6. She Lu Peng, Nanyang Polytechnic — 3.20m
7. Andrew Tai, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 3.20m

Men’s Discus Throw
IVP Record: 41.37m by Khor Hor Yee, Nanyang Polytechnic (2003)

1. Khor Hor Yee, Sky, Singapore Institute of Management — 35.92m
2. Jeremy Marc Chang, Singapore Polytechnic — 30.94m
3. Nishank Kshirsagar, Nanyang Technological University — 29.73m
4. Aaron Low, Nanyang Technological University — 29.55m
5. Joshua A/L Anthony, Christian, Nanyang Polytechnic — 27.31m
6. Alfred Bay Wee Chin, Singapore Polytechnic — 27.28m
7. Jeremy Ling Cheng Xun, Nanyang Polytechnic — 25.79m
8. John Tan Keng Siong, Institute of Technical Education — 24.27m

Men’s Javelin
IVP Record: 59.79m by Akid Chong, Nanyang Polytechnic (2009)

1. Khor Hor Yee Sky, Singapore Institute of Management — 45.30m
2. Tan Kian Wei, Nanyang Technological University — 44.42m
3. Shaun Chook, National University of Singapore — 41.43m
4. Chan Chan Leong, Temasek Polytechnic — 39.10m
5. Aaron Jeremi Chan, Singapore Management University — 38.59m
6. Amit Singla, Nanyang Technological University — 36.91m
7. Isaac Chay, National University of Singapore — 34.95m
8. John Tan Keng Sio, Institute of Technical Education — 34.82m

Women’s Shot Put
IVP Record: 13.73m by Wan Lay Chi, Nanyang Polytechnic (2010)

1. Hannah Lee Shih Yan, Nanyang Polytechnic — 12.12m
2. Nur Iryani Binti Halip, Nanyang Technological University — 8.29m
3. Ong Sing Rui, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 7.64m
4. Audrey Low, National University of Singapore — 7.06m
5. Chua Liqin, Institute of Technical Education — 6.96m
6. Nurulaindaya Ahad, Institute of Technical Education — 6.60m
7. Lin Xin, Nanyang Polytechnic — 6.58m
8. Griselda Khng, Nanyang Technological University — 5.83m

Women’s High Jump
IVP Record: 1.66m by Michelle Sng Suat Li, Singapore Management University (2006)

1. Goh Chui Ling, National University of Singapore — 1.53m
2. Audrey Low, National University of Singapore — 1.50m
3. Neo Yi Wen, Singapore Management University — 1.45m
4. Tiffany Ann Chow, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 1.45m
5. Renee Lee Shu Wen, Nanyang Polytechnic — 1.40m
6. Esther Wong Ann Gie, Singapore Polytechnic — 1.40m
7. Camellia Kai Goh, Ngee Ann Polytechnic — 1.35m
8. Toh Ling Juan, Nanyang Technological University — 1.25m

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