A Div Cross-Country: Belle Tan of ACJC fastest; HCI win 1st title since ’08 to break RI’s 3-year win streak

53rd inter school cross country championships

Belle Tan of Anglo-Chinese Junior College finishing 1st in 14:18.91. ACJC finished 3rd in the team standings. (Photo 1 © Les Tan/Red Sports)

Bedok Reservoir, Wednesday, March 21, 2012 — Belle Tan of Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) won the A Division individual title when she ran the 3.6km course in 14 minutes 18.91 seconds at the 53rd National Schools Cross-Country Championships. Belle finished third in the A Division at last year’s championship.

Belle finished just over 18 seconds faster than Neo Hoon Suan of Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) who clocked 14:37.88. Lim Yu-han, also of HCI, was third in 14:38.47.

It was HCI however that won the team title in dominant fashion, with their best four runners finishing in the top 10. Hoon Suan (2nd), Yu-han (3rd), Ling An (6th) and S Shamitaa (10th) combined for 21 points to win the title. It was HCI’s first A Division Girls title since 2008.

RI, who won the last three titles, were just seven points behind on the strength of their top four — Tan Wan Xin (4th), Victoria Tan (5th), Jolene Quek (7th), Janielle Lim (12th).

ACJC ended up in third place, led by Belle’s first-placed finish. Together with Esther Koh (8th), Chua Wan Ping (11th) and Elaine Tan (25th), the four combined for 45 points.

National Junior College (NJC) finished fourth with 78 points on the backs of Lin Xiao Feng (16th), Adrienne Chew (19th), Linn Yun Ying (21st) and Sim Yi Shien (22nd).

A Division Girls (Top 20)
1st Belle Tan Xin Yi (#6001, Anglo-Chinese Junior College) — 14:18.91
2nd Neo Hoon Suan (#6018, Hwa Chong Institution) — 14:37.88
3rd Lim Yu-han (#6016, Hwa Chong Institution) — 14:38.47
4th Tan Wan Xin (#6062, Raffles Institution) — 14:44.78
5th Victoria Tan Shi Ying (#6064, Raffles Institution) — 14:47.32
6th Ling An (#6017, Hwa Chong Institution) — 14:58.98
7th Quek Qian Ying Jolene (#6060, Raffles Institution) — 15:01.34
8th Koh Yi Qi Esther (#6006, Anglo-Chinese Junior College) — 15:04.52
9th Soh Rui Min Romaine (#6091, Victoria Junior College) — 15:08.00
10th S Shamitaa (#6019, Hwa Chong Institution) — 15:17.96
11th Chua Wan Ping (#6002, Anglo-Chinese Junior College) — 15:22.85
12th Janielle Lim Yan Han (#6058, Raffles Institution) — 15:33.05
13th Seow Yun Yun (#6061, Raffles Institution) — 15:39.65
14th Sherilyn Loh Yi Xun (#6021, Hwa Chong Institution) — 15:46.08
15th Ho Min Debbie (#6015, Hwa Chong Institution) — 15:51.55
16th Lin Xiao Feng (#6047, National Junior College) — 16:02.11
17th Lee Ting Yi (#6042, Millennia Institute) — 16:07.05
18th Kwee Yi Ning (#6059, Raffles Institution) — 16:10.88
19th Adrienne Chew Dan (#6046, National Junior College) — 16:11.47
20th S Roobini (#6068, Serangoon Junior College) — 16:15.77

A Division Girls Team (Top 4)
1st Hwa Chong Institution (21 points)
2nd Neo Hoon Suan (#6018) — 14:37.88
3rd Lim Yu-han (#6016) — 14:38.47
6th Ling An (#6017) — 14:58.98
10th S Shamitaa (#6019) — 15:17.96

2nd Raffles Institution (28 points)
4th Tan Wan Xin (#6062) — 14:44.78
5th Victoria Tan Shi Ying (#6064) — 14:47.32
7th Quek Qian Ying Jolene (#6060) — 15:01.34
12th Janielle Lim Yan Han (#6058) — 15:33.05

3rd Anglo-Chinese Junior College (45 points)
1st Belle Tan Xin Yi (#6001) — 14:18.91
8th Koh Yi Qi Esther (#6006) — 15:04.52
11th Chua Wan Ping (#6002) — 15:22.85
25th Elaine Tan Li-wen (#6003) — 16:39.94

4th National Junior College (78 points)
16th Lin Xiao Feng (#6047) — 16:02.11
19th Adrienne Chew Dan (#6046) — 16:11.47
21st Linn Yun Ying (#6048) — 16:18.72
22nd Sim Yi Shien (#6050) — 16:21.67

Complete A Division Girls Individual Results
Complete A Division Girls Team Results

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