Story by Jessica Soo/Red Sports. Photos by Zachary Foo/Red Sports.

Gavin Tan (CHS #6) gets Cheah Ee Heng (YTS #30) into the air with a brilliant fake. (Photo 1 © Zachary Foo/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Friday, August 2, 2019 — Catholic High School (CHS) put up a strong display against Yishun Town Secondary (YTS) to emerge as champions in the North Zone C Division Basketball Boys final with a score of 75–48.

Ng Yu Jun (CHS #9) led all scorers with 22 points, while Lim Yi Heng (CHS #10) followed closely behind with 17 points. Muhammad Azzery (YTS #32) poured in a total of 15 points and Siow Yi Zheng (YTS #34) scored 13 points.

Right from the opening quarter, CHS were unafraid to show their aggression through a relentless full-court press. It was hard to beat and gave them an edge over YTS’ play. In addition, Lim Yi Heng (CHS #10) scored many points for his team through fast breaks. CHS also had a cohesive defense play-up which silenced the attacks that came from the center.

In a bid to overcome their disadvantage, YTS managed to spot holes and mistakes in the CHS defense. This meant that their attempts at three-pointers and lay-ups were more accurate and often converted into points on the board. The game was a tight affair as the teams were closely matched in terms of skill, leading to an early run of 16-13 with CHS only slightly in the lead.

Muhammad Azzery (YTS #32) proved to be a prominent center and got most of the rebounds that led to fast breaks. These were judiciously converted into points by YTS.

After the break, CHS tirelessly continued to enforce immense pressure on their opponents through their full court press. In addition, they introduced a new defensive tactic of double-teaming their opponents. While YTS, at some points, did manage to pass the ball out before being cornered by two CHS’ players, it is often the case that the ball possession was handed over.

With the game coming to a close, CHS kept up their intensity while YTS remained relentless. In a bid to close up the 24 point gap, Siow Yi Zheng (YTS #34) played a crucial role in taking shots from outside. While this earned them several 3-pointers, the gap was simply too wide for YTS.

Scoring by Quarter 
Catholic High School vs Yishun Town Secondary 
1st Quarter: 16–13
2nd Quarter: 19–14 (35–27)
3rd Quarter: 22–4 (57–31)
4th Quarter: 18–17 (75–48)

Top Scorers 
Ng Yu Jun (#9) – 22 points
Lim Yi Heng (#10) – 17 points
Muhammad Azzery (#32) – 15 points
Siow Yi Zheng (#34) – 13 points

CHS Roster 
Lucas Chow (#4), Tan I Yee (#5), Gavin Tan (#6), Caleb Woo (#7), Andre Ho (#8), Ng Yu Jun (#9), Lim Yi Heng (#10), Alex Liu (#11), Tian Zhiyi (#12), Liang Ka Yiu (#13), Jeryl Gan (#14), Lee Zi Woo (#15)
YTS Roster 
Heng Zhi Xiang Eugene (#13), Teo Yee Siang (#0), Seah Bing Xian (#15), Cheah Ee Heng (#30), Muhammad Azzery (#32), Brayden Khoo Jing Quan (#17), Siow Yi Zheng (#34), Wan Jin Tao (#95), Lim Le Bin, Jed (#20), Lingat Jose Ivan Pinlac (#26), Sky Ong Yan Kai (#21), Tay Ji Ze (#35)

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