Story by REDintern Charles Lim. Photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports.

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Wang Liang Rong (SIM #9) steps in for two. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

SUTD Sports Hall 1, Wednesday, January 30, 2019 – Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) clinches 3rd place in the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic Games (IVP) against Temasek Polytechnic (TP) with a comfortable 67—60 victory.

The first quarter saw SIM pick up their offensive rhythm early as they picked up early baskets through a 3 pointer by Devin Tan (SIM #0) and an offensive putback by Liang Rong (SIM #9). TP may have started off cold missing their shots early, however they went on a 14-0 run coming from sharpshooting behind the arc where 4 out of the 5 players contributed a 3-point shot each. Not to be left behind, SIM managed to tie the game at 14-14 before Sherman Seet (TP #11) drew a foul on the way to the basket. He converted a free throw giving TP a narrow 15-14 lead to close out the quarter.

SIM would continue to build up their momentum to regain and extend the lead in the second quarter. Their robust defence kept TP at bay, and a 3-point shot by Sherman Soh (SIM #2) coupled with an and one play by Zi Jie (SIM #10) pulled the lead to 22-18. Baskets were made at both ends of the court but it was SIM that came off ahead at 36-30 to end the quarter.

TP started off the third quarter with a 11-0 run that turned the tables around, putting them ahead at 41-36 as SIM seemed to have lost their momentum in the early minutes of the quarter. Jordan Lee (TP#23) contributed 5 out of 11 points in the 11-0 run as he made his jumper as well as a 3-point shot off a fast break transition. SIM would eventually pick up their tempo again with a 17-6 run of their own to take back the lead 53-47. Xing Yuan (SIM #17) was instrumental in this run as he clocked 9 out of the 17 points with his accurate shots.

Despite a solid man-to-man defence early, TP had a cold start offensively and were unable to make their baskets. On the other hand, SIM managed to break through the TP defence and stretch their lead into the 2 digits at 59-47, before TP called for a timeout. TP extended their man-to-man defence to full court in attempt to put more pressure, which managed to force SIM into turnovers allowing them to capitalize off transition plays.

With 30 seconds left on the clock, TP was at a 6-point deficit and Sherman Seet (TP #11) was fouled at the 3-point line, giving him 3 attempts at the free throw line. He managed to convert one out of three, bringing the scoreline to 65-60. However, an unnecessary unsportsmanlike foul committed thereafter gave SIM the chance to cement their win with free throw opportunities and possession. The converted free throws and possession allowed SIM to secure the 67-60 victory eventually.

On the winning conditions, Captain Zi Jie (SIM #10) shared, “We won on experience and with a mature gameplay. We may have a couple of missed shots but our good defence gaves us more opportunities. This is what we wanted and what we came here for.”

Reflecting on the game, Captain Ji Keong (TP #77) commented, “We couldn’t close the game at the end. As a younger team, I feel that we could not convert under pressurizing and more stressful conditions.” He added, “To the juniors in the squad next year, continue aiming for the championship, work harder and step up.”

Scoring by Quarter

1st Quarter: 14-15
2nd Quarter: 22–15 (36-30)
3rd Quarter: 17-17 (53-47)
4th Quarter: 14–13 (67-60)

Top Scorers

Han Xing Yuan (#17) – 14 points
Devin Tan (#0) – 12 points

Zhai Siming (#1) – 16 points
Jordan Lee (#23) – 11 points

SIM Roster
Tan Jun Yong, Devin (#0), Tan Yuan Yang (#1), Sherman Soh (#2), Mun Wai Kin (#6), Goh Xin Wee Jasper (#8), Wang Liang Rong (#9), Hiew Zi Jie (#10), Loke Zhi Jian (#11), Tan Jian Yong (#13), Gary Yeo Jun Yuan (#14), Han Xing Yuan (#17), John Ng Jing Lun (#21), Ng Kian Hao (#27), Jang Wook (#33), Sherman Lim Jian Hao (#36)

TP Roster
Mohamed Shukri Bin Manaf (#0), Zhai Siming (#1), Ong Yan Zhi Darius (#3), Clement Sim Han Xiang (#5), Cheng Ye Hui (#7), Lua Jun Rong Terry Peter (#9), Sherman Seet Ding Xun (#11), Eugene Chua Wei Jun (#12), Lester Lee Ee Kiat (#13), Toh Jing Bo (#21), Jordan Lee Jun Hao (#23), Willie Tan Wei Lun (#32), keerthi pushpanathan (#35) Chaw Ji Keong (#77)

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