Home run hitter Katelyn (RI #14) in action.

Home run hitter Katelyn (RI #14) in action. (Photo © Leong Jin Ling/Red Sports)

Story by REDIntern Lorraine Lam, Photos by REDSports reader Leong Jin Ling

River Valley High School, Tuesday, May 8, 2018 — Raffles Institution’s (RI) stellar batting and tight fielding shone through as they beat Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) 12-2 to clinch bronze in the National A Division Softball Girls.

From the start, RI came out strong with their batting and maintained a strong offensive, which later sealed them the game.

The team was visibly elated at their win and their captains had many heartfelt words for the team. “I want to thank the whole team for really putting in their best effort and really playing their best and we had a lot of fun together and it was a really good season,” said RI’s Captain Ning (#23)

Vice Captain Katelyn (RI #14) added, “I’m very proud of this team and very proud of our spirit during the past two games especially when we faced tougher opponents. I’m very proud that we never stopped pushing ourselves.”

The team dominated much of the game, and in the first inning, Ning (RI #23) and Wen Hui (RI #43) made solid hits to centre field, which were unfortunately caught by Hwa Chong’s centre fielder Annabel (HCI #18).

But even with both batters called out, RI managed to bring Katelyn (RI #14) home. Lorraine’s (RI #15) hit over right field also earned her three bases and allowed her teammate Grace (RI #15) to return home. With Katelyn (RI #14) scoring a home run in the second inning, RI gained a substantial 6-1 lead over HCI.

Unlike RI, HCI’s batting did not fare as well, with most hits becoming easy outs for RI’s fielders. Only Shiru (HCI #06) made it home in the first two innings. To make up for it, HCI mounted a strong defence, with their outfielders successfully catching a few hits.

By the third inning, RI had scored four more runs, despite HCI fielders’ defence tactics. Most notably, Nichol (HCI #08) made a few successful stops when she dived for balls that were hit through the pitcher. The team’s sole solid hit, from Nichol (HCI #08), unfortunately, went straight to RI’s shortstop. HCI, however, made it back with one run, when Audrey (HCI #22) made a risky two base steal that paid off when RI’s fielders made the wrong judgments.

The fourth inning proved no better for HCI, as their attempts were shut down by RI’s pitcher and second baseman. RI ultimately walked away with a winning score of 12-2.

HCI’s captain Annabel (HCI #18) said: “We wanted to go in and give it our best shot, like just leave the field with no regrets

“Raffles batting was really aggressive, so it was very hard for us to shut them down. But we gave it our all.”

The A Division Softball Games (Girls) concludes with the following standings
Champion: Anglo Chinese Junior College
1st Runners Up: River Valley High School
2nd Runners Up: Raffles Institution
3rd Runners Up: Hwa Chong Institution

Score by Inning
Inning 1: 5-1
Inning 2: 6-1
Inning 3: 10-2
Inning 4: 12-2

Katelyn (#14) -3
Elinor (#87) -2
Megan (#21) -2
Grace (#16) -2
Lorraine (#15) -1
Anna (#06) -1
Valerie (#08) -1

Shiru (#06) -1
Audrey (#22) -1

Katelyn (#14), Ning (#23), Wen Hui (#43), Elinor (#87), Megan (#21), Grace( #16), Lorraine (#15), Anna (#06), Valerie (#08), Shanice (#24), Chloe (#25), Hui Min (#18), Faith (#52), Simore (#92), Janine (#32), Hui Ying (#81), Zendrea (#48)

Nichol (#08), Shiru (#06), Annabel (#18), Chloe (#24), Julia (#12), Xin Rou (#27), Wan Yi (#09), Joy (#17), Audrey (#22), Xin Yi (#29), Abbey (#23), Vernice (#28), Zi Ling (#16), Yi Shan (#13)