Story and photos by Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports.

sim vs nus sunig netball

Tan Xin Yi (GS) of NUS catches a pass from her teammate. (Photo 1 © Lee Jian Wei/Red Sports)

Singapore University of Technology and Design, Saturday, September 9, 2017 – Star goal shooter Tan Xin Yi scored nearly two-thirds of National University of Singapore’s (NUS) tally as they steamrolled past Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) 83-46 in their opening match of the Singapore University Games Netball Championship.

Xin Yi converted 94.5 percent of all shots she made in the match, missing only three of 55 attempts on goal and accounting for 52 of the 83 goals NUS scored against SIM.

“It was quite a good start, everyone played well and played their best,” said NUS team captain and goalkeeper Yvonne Goh. “However, there is always room for improvements because I felt like we made a few mistakes along the way in today’s game.”

SIM picked up their momentum from the second quarter, doing their best to keep the scoreline respectable.

SIM will face NTU in the next match on Monday, September 11, 2017, while NUS will go against SMU on Wednesday, September 13, 2017.

“I think we have a few things to work on for the next match (against NTU),” said SIM’s Kimmie Koh. “It was a pretty close fight last year. We will want to put up a good fight for them this time round.”

Score by Quarter
1st Q: 10–25
2nd Q: 22–47 (12–22)
3rd Q: 34–66 (12–19)
4th Q: 46–83 (12–17)

SIM Roster
Brenda Poh Jing Ting, Natali Ghui Chien Lin, Koh Xin Zhi Callista, Adeline Lee Hui Ting, Chia Yi Ning Evangeline, Ng Yun Xuan, Tan Jessie, Yeo Zi Sing, Chua Ee San Vanessa, Jamie Chiang Ju Li, Rachel L. De Guia, Kimmie Koh Shi Wen, Ng Siew Mei Sharon, Anabelle Lim Jia Yi

NUS Roster
Wong Pei Ying, Tan Xin Yi, Teo Xiu Yu, Dawne Lim Wan Yi, Seah Min Wen, Claire, Olivia Wu Su Han, Tabitha Ong Jie Yi, Tan Shi Ni, Tan Ji, Nur Amelia Omar Wijendra, Ayshath Zaseela, Eyu Yan Yan, Ng Ling Ting, Yvonne Goh Si Hua

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