NYSI Bball: SIM defeat RP 74-57 to stay undefeated on path to final

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Story and photos by Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports

NYSI bball singapore institute of management republic polytechnic

Richard Neo (SIM #7) takes and makes the three despite the hand in his face. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

SIM MPSH, Monday, July 17, 2017 — Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) defeated Republic Polytechnic (RP) 74-57 in the semi-final of the National Youth Sports Institute (NYSI) Basketball League.

With this win, SIM continue their undefeated streak with a 6-0 win-loss record. They will meet NUS in the final.

On the other hand, this game gives RP a 2-3 win-loss record.

Going into the game, knowing that the chance for a championship was on the line, both sides played with intensity on both ends of the court. Ng Zhao Feng (SIM #19) drew a foul and made both free throws to put SIM up by two.

However, Zhen Yuhui (RP #4) quickly answered with an offensive put-back. Both sides refused to give in as they traded baskets, each giving their hardest to stay ahead. However, it was SIM who took the first quarter 17-16.

Both sides continued to duke it out, trading baskets and matching their defensive intensity as they fought to a tie in the quarter. SIM were up 29-28 at the half.

Making use of the half time break to compose themselves, SIM came out strong in the second half. Richard Neo (SIM #7) caught fire and found his mark from three-point range. He scored 16 of his game-high 23 points, making four of his five three-point shots in the second half.

SIM also upped their defensive intensity to get several defensive stops while converting those into transition baskets to pull ahead. They limited RP to 14 points and went on a 27 points outbreak themselves. SIM led 56-42 after the third.

Capitalizing on the momentum gained in the third quarter, SIM put the pedal to the metal and never looked back. While RP managed to score, SIM always had an answer. Without a way to stop SIM’s offense, the lead continued to widen. SIM eventually rolled past RP 74-57 to remain undefeated and advance to the final.

Captain Richard Neo (SIM #7) commented, “Actually as a veteran on the team, having played for SIM for a few years, based on experience, we got through the game by focusing on our defense first then offense. Once we get the defense up, offense will naturally come. This is what I told the guys. Other than that, there was also the issue of ball movement on the court. At the start, we weren’t sharing the ball much and were playing mostly one on ones. So after adjustment, I think my team actually played well in the second half when we increased our margin by sharing the ball more.”

“Being the last two games for me in SIM, my mind was all about bringing the team up again to the final and the highest level of this league and at the end of the day we are aiming for the championship. Next game will be up against NUS whom we have met many times and lost to in the final in SUniG. So this time, we are looking to beat them and get the championship.”

Scoring by Quarter
1st Q: 17-16
2nd Q: 12-12 (29-28)
3rd Q: 27-14 (56-42)
4th Q: 18-15 (74-57)

Top Scorers
Neo Li Zhe Richard (#7) – 23 pts (5 x 3 pointers)

Hiew Zi Jie (#10) – 13 pts
Zhen Yuhui (#4) – 11 pts

SIM Roster
Tan Baiyong (#3), Neo Li Zhe Richard (#7), Lee Hao Wei Jovan (#8), Bryan Gregory Kor Chong Yang (#11), Pong Junkai Philbert (#12), Scott James Driscoll (#14), Loh You Ren (#15), Loh Yi Ren (#17), Ng Zhao Feng (#19), Lim Chin Jye (#21), Ng Kian Hao (#26), Tan Long King (#27), Ivan Chua Hien Yang (#28), Abdul Shameer Rauf (#33), Andy Ho Lian Jie, Ong Yu Xiang, Goh Zhong Jun Adam

RP Roster
Fong Hao Seng (#1), Tng Zhi Cai (#2), Zhen Yuhui (#4), Zoel Lee Heng Kiat (#7), Andy Yeow Jun Hui (#8), Ling Yoke Ming (#9), Hiew Zi Jie (#10), Marco Kok Jiahao (#11), Poh Yong Xian Daniel (#12), Andrew Tang Wei Jie (#13), Abdul Rahman B Ali (#16), Hiew Ziwei (#23), Seet Zhi Yun (#24), Eddy Chew Jun Wei (#25), Ho Xing Herng (#31), Desmond Loh Wai Kin (#32), V Lavin Raj (#34), Chan Jia Yuan, Tan Cheng Shan, Goh Jun Xian

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