Story by REDintern Lim Yi Fei. Photos by Jerald Ang/Red Sports.


Lydia Ang (#7) of North Vista goes for the layup against two defenders. She scored a game-high 30 points in their victory. (Photo 1 © Jerald Ang/Red Sports)

Republic Polytechnic, Monday, March 6, 2017 — A clutch two-pointer from Lydia Ang (NV #7) helped North Vista Secondary (NV) claim a 54-52 win over Singapore Chinese Girls’ School (SCGS) in the final of the North Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

With this win, North Vista remain undefeated with a perfect 9-0 win-loss record since Round 1.

SCGS drop to a 7-1 win-loss record.

Lydia Ang (NV #7) had a game high of 30 points while Patricia Orenza (SCGS #7) led her team with 27.

Both Lydia Ang and Patricia Orenza were forces to be reckoned with as they scored back-to-back baskets to carry their team.

The first quarter started off with North Vista working on their 2-on-1 man defence to deny SCGS. With Patricia Orenza (SCGS #7) leading the gameplay, she shot open three-pointers thrice but missed all.

North Vista took advantage by exploiting SCGS’ defence and capitalising on layups, ending the first quarter with a 12-11 lead.

SCGS dished out to open teammates whenever possible in the second quarter but they were still not scoring due to the solid North Vista defence. Lydia Ang (NV #7) hustled hard and managed to perform open fastbreaks twice while Patricia Orenza (SCGS #7) replied with a three-pointer.

North Vista made it difficult for their rivals to advance and pushed them out to the three-point line. Patricia Orenza (SCGS #7) realised her defender was not as fast as her and stepped up to fastbreak into the paint.

At halftime, SCGS held a 27-23 advantage.

By the third quarter, SCGS utilised their screens and managed to stop North Vista in their tracks. However, North Vista were clearheaded and hustled for rebounds to get easy underbaskets.

With her height advantage, Lydia Ang (NV #7) was able to receive mispasses from SCGS and burrow her way into her opponents’ defence. This closed the gap and ended the quarter with North Vista leading 36-35.

Down into the final quarter, SCGS engaged North Vista head on with their defence but a determined Lydia Ang (NV #7) escalated her team’s offence by exploiting backdoors. North Vista sent in Tiong Zhi Wen (NV #2) and Yuki Kung (NV #3) to draw fouls.

Eventually, North Vista tried to slow the game and Lydia Ang (NV #7) with a clutch two-pointer brought the score to 53-52. A last freethrow from Yuki Kung (NV #3) ended the game with North Vista victorious at 54-52.

Lydia Ang (NV #7) said, “Today’s defence helped a lot in stopping the attack from SCGS. Although Patricia Orenza (SCGS #7) made a lot of shot attempts, she did not score many. We were all nervous and had a lot of mispasses but we still fought back.”

SCGS’ Patricia Orenza (#7) said, “It was a good game and I’m proud of my team’s defence. It wasn’t an easy game for both teams but the bad part was that offence wise, our shots weren’t getting converted into points.”

Scoring by Quarter
North Vista vs SCGS

1st Q: 12-11
2nd Q: 11-16 (23-27)
3rd Q: 13-8 (36-35)
4th Q: 18-17 (54-52)

Top Scorers
North Vista

Lydia Ang (#7) – 30 points

Patricia Orenza (#7) – 27 points.

North Vista Roster
Tiong Zhi Wen (#2), Yuki Kung Zhixin (#3), Poh Ke Hui (#4), Kweh Jia Qi Joli (#5), Teo Zi En (#6), Ang Zi Yi, Lydia (#7), Lum Yi En Charis (#9), Nurruzinna Binte Rohaizat (#10), Ong Qian Ying, Nikki (#11), Chang Yoke Suan, Jamie (#13), Ros Ellisyah Nur Umairah (#14)

SCGS Roster
Clarice Lee (#4), Haziera Hairudinsah (#5), Tay Jin Ting (#6), Patricia Orenza (#7), Angela Wang (#8), Nadia Ghani (#9), Mabel Anton (#10), Dylen Serrano (#11), Margaret Suriya (#12), Freda Wee (#13), Lee Yan (#14), Lee Fang Yu (#15)