North Zone B Div Bball: North Vista suffocates Deyi with defense to win 63-14

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Story and photos by REDintern Low Zheng Yu

north zone b div bball north vista vs deyi

Jamie Chang (NV #13) dribbles the ball up court. She had a game high 13 points. (Photo 1 © Low Zheng Yu/Red Sports)

OCBC Arena, Friday, February 10, 2017 — North Vista Secondary (NV) stopped Deyi Secondary (DY) completely with their defense to win 63-14 their first game in Round 2 of the North Zone B Division Girls Basketball Championship.

North Vista have yet to lose since Round 1 and look to play Woodgrove Secondary and Christ Church Secondary next.

Three North Vista players had double digit scoring. Jamie Chang (NV #13) led the charge with 13 points, while Yuki Kung (NV #3) and Lydia Ang (NV #7) had 10 each.

Meanwhile, Deyi have lost their second game of the season since the first round. They will be up against Christ Church next and Woodgrove thereafter.

North Vista started the game with their impregnable full court press defense. Their defense intensity was high, forcing many turnovers from Deyi. Naturally these turnovers were converted into many fast-break points.

When Deyi managed to break the full court press, North Vista’s interior presence was too strong. It prevented Deyi from scoring any easy basket as defenders would close up fast.

This stopped Deyi from having any space to shoot and having to pass the ball out instead. Many times, this resulted in the violation of the 24-second shot clock.

With such a domineering defense, they limited Deyi to only two points in the first quarter, while scoring 17 themselves.

As the game progressed, Deyi tried to fight back. While they upped their defense intensity and limited North Vista to only 10 points in the second quarter, they were still not able to get past North Vista’s defense. They were able to score six points in the second quarter due to a better team effort.

However, this did not last as Deyi’s lack of stamina and focus led to many turnovers once again. North Vista capitalized on it and made many fast-break points off those turnovers.

North Vista captain Yuki Kung (NV #3) said, “I feel we defended better than our previous games. We made more of our shots and we didn’t miss. We talked more, our communication is better.

“We will play against Woodgrove next and I am confident in my team. With them, together, we can do this.”

Scoring by quarter
North Vista vs Deyi
1st Q: 17-2
2nd Q: 10-6 (27-8)
3rd Q: 15-4 (42-12)

Top Scorers
North Vista
Chang Yoke Suan, Jamie (#13) – 13 pts
Yuki Kung Zhixin (#3) – 10 pts
Ang Zi Yi, Lydia (#7) – 10 pts

Preeyanan (#9) – 6 pts
Koh Hui Xin (#4) – 6 pts

North Vista Roster
Tiong Zhi Wen (#2), Yuki Kung Zhixin (#3), Poh Ke Hui (#4), Kweh Jia Qi Joli (#5), Teo Zi En (#6), Ang Zi Yi, Lydia (#7), Lum Yi En Charis (#9), Nurruzinna Binte Rohaizat (#10), Ong Qian Ying, Nikki (#11), Chang Yoke Suan, Jamie (#13), Ros Ellisyah Nur Umairah (#14)

Deyi Roster
Koh Hui Xin (#4), Jamie Goh (#6), Siti Nuraliya Bte Azman (#7), Gwen Goh (#8), Preeyanan (#9), Odelia Lim (#10), Jenny Kambang (#11), Shannon Ong (#12), Anne Ting (#13), Seow Rui Xuan (#14), Ong Ying Hwee (#18), Wai Sin Yin (#30)

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