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Jacqueline Chu (TP #1) controls the ball against SIM. She had a game-high 18 points. (Photo 1 © REDintern Chua Zhen Rong)

Temasek Polytechnic, Wednesday, January 11, 2017 — Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) beat Temasek Polytechnic (TP) 58-56 in a thrilling opening game of the Institute-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Women’s Basketball Championship.

TP were recently crowned champions at the recent POL-ITE Games while SIM finished second at last year’s IVP edition.

Jacqueline Chu (TP #1) recorded a game high of 18 points, including two 3-pointers, while Priscilla Han (SIM #13) had a team high of 15.

TP started aggressively, penetrating the SIM defenses to take the lead. TP’s ball movement was smooth, allowing them to find loopholes. SIM were not able to keep up with TP’s intensity in the first quarter.

SIM were able to find their momentum in the second quarter. Centre Pauline Ang (SIM #15) was able to pull off many shots with her strong post moves.

Tung Kah Hui (SIM #1) made a crossover to ankle break her opponent before scoring a 3-pointer shot to dampen TP’s morale.

SIM were able to outscore TP 23-17 in this quarter to take an overall 35-32 lead into the half-time break.

TP started to slow their attacks to allow themselves to analyse the game better. They showed strong team chemistry when Sharon Lee (TP #8) did a crossover move and made a no-look pass to Shirley Long (TP #13) who sank an easy under basket.

TP were able to close the gap and ended the third quarter one point behind at 46-47.

TP upped their defense in their fourth but it backfired as they started giving away fouls. SIM, slowed the game down, making their passes count.

With 2 minutes to go, TP were down by just one point when SIM were awarded three free-throw opportunities. SIM widened their lead to two points (54-52).

With 30 seconds left on the clock, Jacqueline Chu (TP #1) made a jumper to tie the game. However, SIM scored two free throws with 15 seconds left to seal the 58-56 win.

Captain Janice Ong (SIM #9) said, “I personally feel that our team did not play to expectation as we were not able to make our shots count and we committed too many silly turnovers.

“TP on the other hand played well on their transition offense and managed to fight for most of the rebounds.

“We definitely have to work more on our communication and make the flow of our passes to each other smoother so as to have better opportunities.”

Scoring by Quarter
1st Q: 15-12
2nd Q: 17-23 (32-35)
3rd Q: 14-12 (46-47)
4th Q: 10-11 (56-58)

Top Scorers
Jacqueline Chu (#1) – 18 pts (2 x 3-pts)
Shirley Long (#13) – 12 pts (1 x 3-pts)
Chen Xiao Na (#9) – 10 pts (2 x 3-pts)
Soh Cai Ning (#3) – 9 pts (3 x 3-pts)

Priscilla Han (#13) – 15 pts
Pauline Ang (#15) – 14 pts
Chin Wan Qing (#2) – 8 pts (1 x 3-pts)

TP roster
Jacqueline Chu Jia Jia (#1), Mah Li Jing (#2), Soh Cai Ning (#3), Navanee d/o Amurthalingam (#4), Clarice Tan Yi Lin (#5), Brenda Ng Ker Ling (#6), Tan Qinrui (#7), Lee Mi Yun, Sharon (#8), Chen Xiaona (#9), Koh Zi Yin (#12), Shirley Long Ying Jie (#13), Ong Xin Hui (#14), Chiang Jia Xuan (#15), Syirin Binte Hashim (#19), Jermin Soh Jie Min (#23).

SIM roster
Tung Kah Hui (#1), Chin Wan Qing (#2), Lee Hui Xin (#3), Jacqueline Tan (#4), Lim Yu Xuan, Melissa (#5), Cherry Tan (#6), Jowilly Siew Mei Kit (#8), Janice Ong Chin Here (#9), Ngo Pei Shan, Debbie (#10), Panmeline Liew Choon Hwee (#11), Han MeiQi, Priscilla (#13), Pauline Ang Siew Ting(#15), Eng Zoe (#18), Ngai Hui Min (#21), Wong Shu Qing (#22).

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