Story by Lim De Jun/Red Sports

Singapore Poly (pic) successfully defended their POL-ITE Handball Championship title. (Photo © Lim De Jun/Red Sports)

Singapore Poly (pic) successfully defended their POL-ITE Handball Championship title. (Photo © Lim De Jun/Red Sports)

Singapore Polytechnic, Friday, November 4, 2016 — Defending champions Singapore Polytechnic (SP) defeated Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) 16-9 in a rain-delayed game to defend its title in the Polytechnic-Institute of Technical Education (POL-ITE) Women’s Handball Championship.

POL-ITE Handball was called off last year due to the presence of haze.

Li Mei Lian (SP #16) and Shandy Ng (NP #4) were joint-top scorers with six goals each.

The first half, which was played two weeks earlier, saw the teams tied 6-6 at half time.

Nadine Chua (SP #9) scored a penalty goal to give her team the lead in the second half. However, NP came back with three consecutive goals to take the lead.

SP improved on their defense and were able to make quite a few successful clamps to fluster NP and block their shots.

The keepers from both team were also able to block many shots, leading to cheers from their respective benches which helped keep their team’s morale up.

Li Mei Lian (SP #16) scored two 9m shots in the second half to help her team pull away from NP and wrap up the 16-9 win.

Captain Kasandra Anika (SP #7) said, “During the first half, we were not able to perform to our standard which made everyone on our team rather upset.

“However, we managed to play the second half with a more hyped spirit due to a good 2 week break. This time, we were able to play to our 101 percent. We’ll usually have a few top scorers but this time, everyone gets to score and this is due to our improved teamwork.

“NP played really well today and they put up a really good fight. They were able to put up quite a few good plays.

“We used to have a handful of national players in our team thus we were able to clinch the championship title easily, but this year, we only have one national player. Our training definitely helped as our girls managed to learn so much from mistakes and play even better on court.

NP captain Cheryl Seah said, “We did pretty good despite falling short. We only had 2-3 months worth of training due to the absence of a coach in the initial phase. Although we only had a short duration of training, we managed to pull off such results.

“SP played to their usual standard, putting up a tight defense which caused many turnovers for us.

“We managed to bond through a 3-day camp before our competition. Through this camp, we managed to connect even better as a team. We trained hard and bonded a lot.

“All I have to say is that I am very proud of my team regardless of the results. They have fought so hard for the team and it is time for us to celebrate.”

Scoring by half
SP vs NP
1st Half: 6-6
2nd Half: 10-3 (16-9)

Top Scorers
Li Mei Lian (#16) – 6 goals
Lim Li Hua (#6) – 3 goals

Shandy Ng (#4) – 6 goals
Yong Ann Qi (#13) – 2 goals

Team Roster
Whitney Yeo (#4), Soh Hui Xing (#4), Therene Lim (#5), Lim Li Hua (#6), Kasandra Anika (#7), Samantha Fong (#8), Nadine Chua (#9), Pearlyn Tan (#10), Lim Bei Xuan (#11), Sumiko Choo (#12), Hwang Hui Fung (#13), Tan Zhi Hui (#15), Li Mei Lian (#16), Joanna Seow (#17), Kelly Heng (#19), Cheryl Chang (#20), Sumnima Rai (#22), Brenda Lee (#25)

Peh Qian Ling (#2), Shandy Ng (#4), Lee Ying Ying (#5), Cheryl Seah (#7), Vanetta Ng (#8), Petrina Tan (#9), Jolynn Tay (#11), Han Yuluan (#12), Yong Ann Qi (#13), Lai Qian Ying (#14), Gan Jia Xin (#18), Samantha Er (#19), Charmaine Goh (#21), Syakirah (#23), Wendy Chong (#24), Yeo Li Ting (#31), Vikki Chia (#33), Chow Min Li (#77)