Story by REDintern Perlina Chia. Photos by Laura Lee/Red Sports


Priscilla Lim (NUS #10) passes the ball to Xenia Tan (NUS #13) who scores the first touchdown of the game. (Photo 1 © Laura Lee/Red Sports)

Nanyang Technological University, Thursday, September 15, 2016 – The National University of Singapore (NUS) clinched third places after beating Singapore Management University (SMU) 14-1 in the Singapore University Games (SUniG) Touch Football Championship.

This was the first win for NUS after they lost their previous matches against Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Singapore Institute of Management (SIM). SMU finished fourth in the four-team tournament.

Xenia Tan (NUS #13) scored the first touchdown, followed by Vanessa Sim (NUS #2) who succeeded in breaking through SMU’s defence.

SMU managed to score their first touchdown in reply but NUS retained their composure and their strong defence prevented SMU from scoring further. NUS had five more touchdowns to end the first half leading 7-1.

SMU fought back but were unsuccessful in the second. Good defence, teamwork and consistent passes allowed NUS to continue dominating the game to win 14-1.

NUS captain, Brenda Lee (#12), said, “Our best game was probably the last game. We had a rocky start in the season, but we did better today by grabbing the opportunities given to score.”

SMU captain, Shereen Teo (#11), was satisfied with the team’s performance and attitude during the season despite losing the match. “Watching the junior players step up during the match was a proud moment for me as a captain.”

Vice-captain Lim Rui Qi (#10) said, “I felt everyone gave their 120% in this game.”

Both NUS and SMU will next play in the Touch Association of Singapore championship to gain more experience and develop younger players.

Score by half

1st half: 6-1
2nd half: 14-1 (8-0)


Elizabeth Lam (#1) – 1 touchdown
Vanessa Sim (#2) – 2 touchdowns
Karen Qing (#8) – 4 touchdowns
Priscilla Lim (#10) – 2 touchdowns
Gracia Lim (#11) – 2 touchdowns
Brenda Lee (#12) – 1 touchdown
Xenia Tan (#13) – 1 touchdown
Alicia Fong (#19) – 1 touchdown

Foo Xiao Ting (#8) – 1 touchdown

NUS Roster
Lam Pei Qi Elizabeth (#1), Vanessa Sim Fang Hui (#2), Chew Wei Ting Clara (#3), Sia Xin Rang Sophronia (#4), Chong Siew Qi (#5), Teng Woon Lin Melissa (#7), Karen Qing Tian Cramer (#8), Jacinth Grace Leong Mei En (#9), Lim Xin Yi Priscilla (#10), Lim Hsin Ying Gracia (#11), Lee Jay Lynn Brenda (#12), Xenia Tan Wen-Shi (#13), Alicia Sarah Fong Yoke Ling (#19), Yee Kai Ting (#21)

SMU Roster
Francesca Quah Shu Zhen (#1), Tan Yan Yeng (#2), Chan Wan Qing (#3), Lim Wen Ling (#4), Yang ShuHui Christabel (#5), Tan Wan Sin (#6), Eunice Lau Yan Ting (#7), Foo Xiao Ting (#8), Loh Jia Yi Charmaine (#9), Lim Rui Qi (#10), Teo Boon Khee Shereen (#11), Rebecca Ko Fong Ling (#12), Wong Simin Melaine (#13), Isabel Lee (#14)

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