Story by Edina Tan/Red Sports. Photos by Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports.

Fabian Lemuel Hoy (NYJC #75) fires a wrist shot. He scored 3 goals in this game. (Photo © Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports)

Fabian Lemuel Hoy (NYJC #75) fires a wrist shot. He scored 3 goals in this game. (Photo 1 © Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports)

Hougang Sports Hall, Wednesday, May 11, 2016 — Nanyang Junior College (NYJC) defeated River Valley High (RVHS) 10-1 for their first win of the National A Division Floorball Championship.

The win improves NYJC to a 1-4 win-loss record while RVHS lost their fourth straight game to drop to 0-4.

Fabian Hoy (NYJC #75) earned top scorer honours with three goals, while Ashley Teo (RVHS #23) scored his team’s only goal.

A successful side-shot by Benedict Tay (NYJC #77) barely two minutes into the first period got the scoring going. It was difficult for RVHS to get a goal with NYJC’s sound defence.

A neat pass from Andre Gwa (NYJC #87) set up Isaac Hay (NYJC #22) to score a neat side shot to make it 2-0 by the end of the period.

Barely a few seconds into the second period, a turn-drag followed by a side shot from Donavan (NYJC #71) resulted in the third goal.

Fabian (NYJC #75) stood out in the period with three goals as NYJC’s aggressive offense and teamwork gave them their best period.

The aggression went up in the third period. A successful close-range shot from Ashley (RVHS #23) finally earned RVHS their first goal of the match.

NYJC captain Clement Goh (NYJC #17) said, “It was a good game, and the team played really well and learnt from our past mistakes. We had almost full protection of the ball.

“Our opponents played well, but we were better than them both skills and physical wise. Our first period was sloppy and we didn’t manage to convert all the shots, but subsequently managed to shoot more accurately later on.”

Scoring by Period

1st Period: 2-0
2nd Period: 8-0 (6-0)
3rd Period: 10-1 (2-1)

Top Scorers
Fabian Lemuel Hoy (#75) – 3 goals

Teo Jun Xian Ashley (#23) – 1 goal

NYJC Roster
Andre Gwa Kai Lun (#87), Aw Yu Xuan, Zane (#23), Benedict Tay Jia Shern (#77), Clement Goh Junhui (#17), Darryl Ow Teck Hean (#24), Donavan Tan Ee Yeah (#71), Fabian Lemuel Hoy (#75), Isaac Hay Chong Teng (#22), Joel Chuah Tze Chuan (#12), Koh Ngiap Seng (#8), Kuu Wei Xiang Nicholas (#6), Lim Kai Jian (#20), Lim Zheng Xuan (#14), Lin Yao Hua (#10), Low Chee Chien Alan (#3), Poon Keng Yong (#11), Quek Yu Yi (#33), Seenivasan Sashwath Ravilla (#7), Surend S/O Thiyagarajan (#1), Tan Le Jun (#37)

RVHS Roster
Chai Poh Zheng (#9), Chern Yeh Hur (#21), Chew Ee Jia (#25), Daryl Lau Jun Ming (#77), Goh Jun Hong (#88), Koh Shao Wei (#22), Liu Shu Liang (#2), Luah Jun Yang (#11), Micaiah Tang Qi Xiang (#7), Ng Seng Leng (#26), Ng Shu Sheng (#19), Sik Jerrick (#14), Tan Zhi Zhong (#10), Tan Zhu Yin (#76), Tang Han Kang (#24), Teo Jun Xian Ashley (#23), Wayne Chin Wei-En (#8), Yap Yuhang (#1)

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