Story by Edina Tan/Red Sports. Photos by Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports.

Kwek Kang Ying (#2) of NJC about to swing the ball towards goal.  The NJC captain scored 2 goals for his team. (Photo © Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports)

Kwek Kang Ying (#2) of NJC about to swing the ball towards goal. The NJC captain scored 2 goals for his team. (Photo 1 © Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports)

Hougang Sports Hall, Wednesday, May 11, 2016 — An intense game saw National Junior College (NJC) defeat Catholic Junior College (CJC) 3-1 to secure their fourth win of the National A Division Floorball Championship.

NJC improve to a 4-1 win-loss record while CJC drop to 2-3.

Kwek Kang Ying (NJC #2) was the top scorer with two goals. Ho Jin Shang (CJC #13) scored his team’s only goal.

Two minutes into the first period, Ng Kit Ee (NJC #10) scored the opening goal with a point-blank shot. The CJC team tried repeatedly to get in shots, but were foiled by NJC’s tight defence. Ethan Chua (CJC #7) managed to dribble down the right flank twice unmarked, only to have his shot blocked by NJC goalkeeper Wong Ze Ming (NJC #1).

The second period saw CJC focusing on their offence, as they looked to equalise. This forced NJC to tighten their defence and fire long passes after each clearance.

A long-range shot from Kang Ying (NJC #2) managed to get past CJC goalkeeper John (CJC #23), making it 2-0 by the end of the period.

The first minute of the final period saw Jin Shang (CJC #13) dribbling to the right flank before getting in a neat close-range shot, scoring his team’s first goal. With both teams increasing the intensity as the minutes ticked by, there was a high turnover rate.

Kang Ying (NJC #2) scored his second goal of the match with a point-blank shot that got through CJC’s defences to secure a 3-1 win for NJC by the end of the match.

NJC captain Kang Ying (#2) said, “It was an intense match. The guys really wanted to win, and this is the best NJC has ever done. However, we could improve on our touches and take more shots in future matches. I’ll like to specially mention our goalie Ze Ming (NJC #1) who did a very good job for this match.”

Scoring by Period

1st Period: 1-0
2nd Period: 2-0 (1-0)
3rd Period: 3-1 (1-1)

Top Scorers
Kwek Kang Ying (#2) – 2 goals
Ng Kit Ee (#10) – 1 goal

John Soh Weng Yang (#23) – 1 goal

NJC Roster
Alvin Chee Teck Weng (#3), Chia Tze Hao (#30), Chong Shen Rui (#11), Choo Yong Fen (#21), Daniel Goh Wen Xiang (#8), Ho Teck En (#20), Jacky Chow Kiat Yik (#24), Jan Alfenson Tan (#22), Kaushik Yadhunath Govindasamy R (#35), Koh Yiang Dhee, Mitchell (#4), Kumaran S/O Selvvaratnam (#7), Kwek Kang Ying (#2), Lee Junwei (#14), Mak Jun Wei (#6), Ng Kit Ee (#10), Ng Ming Liang (#17), Tan Yi Hong (#12), Toh Guan Wei (#9), Umar Bin Sadali (#5), Wong Ze Ming (#1)

CJC Roster
Alven Koh Chun Ngee (#10), Chan Jun Hao (#9), Chua Zhi Heng, Ethan (#7), Glenn Tay (#21), Han Tong Joon Mitchell (#8), Herrick Koh Yu Kan (#18), Ho Jin Shang (#13), Jerram Anton Law (#25), John Soh Weng Yang (#23), Lau Chi Kin, Glenn (#20), Lee Zhao Ray (#14), Leo Chong Rui, Brayden (#22), Lim Zhen Dong, Arnold (#31), Mark Ng Chong Jin (#4), Muhammad Zal Hazmi B Md Shahrin (#16), Ng Zhi Wei, Eugene (#5), Pang Yong Kang Augustine (#6), Roy Cheng (#44), Teo Kah Kang, Malcom (#26), Yeo Jing Zhi, Ezekiel (#28)

National A Division Floorball Championship – fixtures and results

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