Story by Edina Tan/Red Sports. Photos by Jerald Ang and Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports.

Elizabeth Liau (#6063) of SNGS emerged first in the C Division Girls category with a timing of 15:27.30. (Photo © Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports)

Elizabeth Liau (#6063) of St Nicholas Girls’ was the fastest C Division girl runner with a timing of 15:27.30. (Photo © Chua Kai Yun/Red Sports)

Bedok Reservoir Park, Wednesday, March 23, 2016 – Elizabeth Liau of CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls’ School was the fastest C Division girl when she clocked 15 minutes 27.30 seconds for the 3.65 kilometre route at the National Schools Cross Country Championships.

Kacy Tan of Guangyang Secondary came in second with a timing of 15:41.63, while Wu Shu Han of Nan Hua High was third with a 16:09.01.

Elizabeth started fast and avoided getting boxed in, but she found herself behind two other runners whom she eventually managed to overtake at the 1km mark. She then led the rest of the way to finish comfortably ahead of Kacy.

Elizabeth said, “I started too fast at the grass patch, but I slowed down after a while into a consistent pace. This race is a personal best for me.”

She added, “ I hope we can get a team gold, because there will be a team dinner if we manage to!”

Happily for Elizabeth, her team claimed the team title by a comfortable margin of 37 points ahead of runners-up, Nan Hua High.

Kacy of Guangyang, who finished second, said, “It was a crowded start, and I needed to squeeze, such that I almost fell. I followed the front pack and slowly managed to catch up. I don’t know my timing yet, but it felt like a personal best!”

Kacy’s top-three placing in this race is a huge improvement over her 17th-place finish at the Wings Cross Country Championships. Her sterling performance helped Guangyang clinch third position in the team category, pushing favourites Raffles Girls’ School into fourth place.

C Division Girls (Top 20)
1st Elizabeth Liau Le Min (#6063, St Nicks) – 15:27.30
2nd Kacy Tan (#6117, Guangyang) – 15:41.63
3rd Wu Shu Han (#6182, Nanyang Girls’) – 16:09.01
4th Lee Yi Hui Jolin (#6118, Guangyang) – 16:17.94
5th Shawna Tay Le Xuan (#6172, Nan Hua High) – 16:40.36
6th Sonia Koh Yi Jia (#6105, Evergreen) – 16:46.35
7th Lim Zhi Xuan (#6237, RGS) – 16:47.77
8th Genevieve Tseng Li Shan (#6064, St Nicks) – 16:50.46
9th Isabelle Toh Xin Yi (#6243, River Valley High) – 16:50.70
10th Toh Pei Xuan (#6068, St Nicks) – 16:55.21
11th Tan Sheena (#6173, Nan Hua High) – 16:58.68
12th Goh Zhi Xuan (#6139, Jurong) – 17:02.20
13th Ong Wui Shen (#6245, River Valley High) – 17:02.23
14th Lorraine Cara Carson (#6120, Guangyang) – 17:03.88
15th Lui Jing Wen (#6011, Ahmad Ibrahim) – 17:06.26
16th Thaamaraiselvi D/O (#6097, Crescent Girls’) – 17:11.03
17th Nur Iffah Bte Mohamad (#6050, Cedar Girls’) – 17:11.27
18th Dorcas Chiu (#6226, Queensway) – 17:11.98
19th Ee S’ya Natalie (#6062, St Nicks) – 17:12.25
20th Nur Humairah Bte Mohammad (#6104, Evergreen Secondary) – 17:12.25

C Division Girls Team (Top 4)
1st St Nicholas Girls’ – 38 points
1st Elizabeth Liau Le Min (#6063) – 15:27.30
8th Genevieve Tseng Li Shan (#6064) – 16:50.46
10th Toh Pei Xuan (#6068) – 16:55.21
19th Ee S’ya Natalie (#6062) – 17:12.25

2nd Nan Hua High – 75 points
5th Shawna Tay Le Xuan (#6172) – 16:40.36
11th Tan Sheena (#6173) – 16:58.68
26th Joy Tan Syin Yee (#6170) – 17:31.00
33th Seah Rui Ting (#6171) – 17:54.00

3rd Guangyang Secondary – 93 points
2nd Kacy Tan (#6117) – 15:41.63
4th Lee Yi Hui Jolin (#6118) – 16:17.94
14th Lorraine Cara Carson (#6120) – 17:03.88
73th Grace Chan Si Ting (#6116) – 19:18.00

4th Raffles Girls’ School – 107 points
7th 7th Lim Zhi Xuan (#6237) – 16:47.77
31st Nicole Lim Rui Min (#6238) – 17:48.00
34th Chauhan Harshita Singh (#6234) – 17:56.00
35th Ang Li Hui (#6232) – 17:59.00

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