By Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports. Photos by Dylan Chua/Red Sports

A Yuan Ching players drives past his opponent.(Photo  © REDintern Dylan Chua)

A Yuan Ching player drives past his opponent. (Photo 1 © REDintern Dylan Chua)

Clementi Sports Hall, Wednesday, February 10, 2016 – Yuan Ching claimed a 35-15 victory over Bukit Batok in what was the final game for both teams this season in the West Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

Tan Feng (#5) led Yuan Ching in scoring with a game-high 8 points, while Le Ngoc Do (#8) led Bukit Batok with 5.

With this win, Yuan Ching’s season concluded with a 2-2 record while Bukit Batok’s season ended with a 0-4 record, spelling elimination for both teams. Boon Lay and School of Science and Technology finished first and second respectively in Group E of the preliminaries.

In the opening quarter, Bukit Batok moved the ball fluidly around on offense in an attempt to create good looks at the basket, but they were met with Yuan Ching’s organised defense which led to Bukit Batok making a low percentage of their shots.

On the other hand, Yuan Ching found more success on offense, where their fluid ball movement led to easy baskets. As a result, the opening quarter ended with Yuan Ching leading 7-4.

Determined to take control of the game, Yuan Ching entered the second quarter with an imposing full court press, earning easy fast break points while forcing turnovers by Bukit Batok. Even when Bukit Batok did not turn the ball over, they found themselves struggling to find good looks at the basket. As a result Bukit Batok only managed 2 points in the second period.

Yuan Ching also turned up a notch on offense, where they constantly swung the ball around the court for easy baskets in the paint and open looks from long distance. At half-time, Yuan Ching led 14-6.

After the half-time break, Bukit Batok were able to adapt to Yuan Ching’s full court press and minimised their turnovers. However, Bukit Batok were still unable to make shots at a high percentage, as good looks at the basket were hard to come by against the Yuan Ching defense.

On the other hand, Yuan Ching started the third quarter struggling with their shooting as they relied heavily on perimeter shots. After a timeout with 2 minutes left in the quarter, Yuan Ching switched into attck mode, where they aggressively attacked the paint for high percentage shots. At the end of the third period, Yuan Ching were in control as they led 25-11.

It was more of the same in the final period, as Yuan Ching relentlessly attacked while locking up on the densive end, limiting Bukit Batok to 4 points in the closing period.

Even though the game was out of reach for Bukit Batok, they continued to hustle for every possession and played with heart until the final whistle, where the scoreline ended at 35-15 in Yuan Ching’s favour.

Score by Quarter
Bukit Batok vs Yuan Ching
1st Q: 4-7
2nd Q: 2-7 (6-14)
3rd Q: 5-11 (11-25)
4th Q: 4-10 (15-35)

Top Scorers
Bukit Batok
Le Ngoc Do (#8) – 5 points
Kevin Enton Yang (#5) – 4 points
Lau Lip Kong Barnabas (#13) – 4 points

Yuan Ching
Tan Feng (#5) – 8 points
Wei Xin (#13) – 7 points
Jefferson (#4) – 6 points

Yuan Ching Roster
Jefferson (#4), Tan Feng (#5), Noah (#6), Bryan (#7), Nicholas (#8), Ryan (#9), Clement (#10), William (#11), Gaopet (#12), Wei Xin (#13), Jun Jie (#14), Beng Wei (#15)

Bukit Batok Roster
Freddi (#4), Kevin Enton Yang (#5), Fong Kien Jung (#6), Lo Yu Him (#7), Le Ngoc Do (#8), Guok Yi Yong (#9), Jasten Yeo Jie Ren (#10), Barnabas Sng Ren Le (#11), Xavier Wong Shao Jun (#12), Lau Lip Kong Barnabas (#13), Kim Jonghoon (#14), Jerome Chiang Jian An (#15)

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