Story by Lim De Jun/Red Sports. Photos by Chan Hua Zheng/Red Sports

Jacold Ganbold (BM #23) taking a jumpshot over the ACS(I) defense. He had a game-high 12 points in the victory. (Photo  © REDintern Chan Hua Zheng)

Jacold Ganbold (BM #23) taking a jumpshot over the ACS(I) defense. He had a game-high 12 points in the victory. (Photo 1 © REDintern Chan Hua Zheng)

OCBC Arena, Wednesday, February 3, 2016 — Bukit Merah Secondary (BM) defeated Anglo-Chinese School (Independent) (ACS(I)) 43-32 to win their final game of the South Zone B Division Basketball Championship.

The win means Bukit Merah finishes with a 1-3 win-loss record while ACS(I) dropped to 0-4. Both teams did not manage to qualify for Round 2.

Jacob Ganbold (BM #23) and Low Zheng Ming (BM #30) scored a joint game and team high of 12 points each. Ray Ang (ACSI #1) had a team high of 9 points.

ACS(I) got the tip but it was stolen by Reily Lim (BM #1). Reily Lim (BM#1) had five steals just in the first quarter.

The first basket was a 3-pointer by Low Zheng Ming (BM #30). Bukit Merah were playing more of an outside game, and their average of 12 rebounds each quarter stood out.

Despite that, ACS(I) fought back. Wong Yi He (ACSI #9) managed to find a loophole in Bukit Merah’s tight defense and narrowed the lead by going for an easy basket.

In addition, Nicholas Sim (ACSI #7) managed to pump fake one of his opponents and scored an extra basket to buoy his team.

However, Low Zheng Ming (BM #30) increased the Bukit Merah lead even more with a base-line floater shot, and was on hand for a fast break assist to Paul Krishna (BM #99) in the second quarter. Both teams matched either with eight points each in the second but Bukit Merah held a five-point, 17-12 lead heading into half time.

The game started to get more intense in the third quarter with jersey pulling and pushing. Ray Ang (ACSI #1) and Nicholas Sim (ACSI #7) dropped back to back 2-pointers to narrow the deficit but Bukit Merah put a stop to it.

Jacob Ganbold (BM #23) made a hesitation move and drove to the basket for the score. He then pump faked his opponent for another easy basket as Bukit Merah outscored ACS(I) 11-7 to lead 28-19 heading into the fourth quarter.

Low Zheng Ming (BM #30) dropped his second 3-pointer in the fourth as Bukit Merah outscored ACS(I) 15-13 to win 43-32.

Captain Navik Low (BM#11) said, “With the loss of our key player, Nicholas Soh (BM #12) during our first game, we felt really lost and could not bring out our top form. We definitely could have done better with him around.

“We started off really shaky but we managed to take the lead and eventually win the game.”

“ACS(I) put up a really good fight against us through their defense and offense. They are a really good team but we were able to show that we are the better team,” added Navik.

Scoring By Quarter
Bukit Merah vs ACS(I)
1st Q: 9-4
2nd Q: 8-8 (17-12)
3rd Q: 11-7 (28-19)
4th Q: 15-13 (43-32)

Top Scorers
Bukit Merah
Low Zheng Ming (#30) – 12 points (with 2 x 3-pointer)
Jacold Ganbold (#23) – 12 points
Kenny Chay (#27) – 6 points (with 1 x 3-pointer)

Ray Ang (#1) – 9 points
Bima Putra (#77) – 7 points

Bukit Merah Roster
Reily Lim (#1), Sohn Hyeon Jun (#4), Bryan Chua (#5), Wong Jia Rong (#6), Chano Martin (#8), Navik Low (#11), Nicholas Soh (#12), Bryan Tan (#17), Jacob Ganbold (#23), Kenny Chay (#27), Low Zheng Ming (#30), Paul Krishna (#99).

ACS(I) Roster
Ray Ang (#1), Nicholas Sim (#7), Wang Yi He (#9), Samuel Quay (#15), Albert Lin (#17), Joe Teddy (#20), Ken Kogama (#24), Vu Le Son (#29), Oliver Nguyen (#30), Bima Putra (#77).

South Zone B Division Basketball Championship – fixtures and results

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